Guide cables on the jib crane to save space: find the right energy chain

How do I benefit from e-chains, cables and sensors compared to trailing cables?

Jib cranes are often needed when the load lift of relatively small loads on mostly short travels does not justify the use of overhead cranes.
For the cable guidance, energy chains are a good choice, as they are quick to install and require little installation space on the crane girder. While trailing cables can often hang down a long way on the crane girder when it is closed, the e-chain can increase operational safety thanks to its compact type. Combined with our chainflex cables for moving applications energy and data can be guided reliably.
We can also do the cable guidance on the jib crane for the trolley or the control system ensure a travel length of up to 10m .
And with supplementary sensors on the energy chain can optionally monitor the condition of the cable guidance to detect problems early on and, in an emergency, to quickly warn of a failure.

Jib cranes
Energy chain guidelok swing

NEW: Energy chain without guide trough

Safely guide cables over a travel of up to 10m: the compact "guidelok swing" for small and large jib cranes.

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Energy chains, guide troughs, cables and sensors for jib cranes

Energy chains E2-mini

E2 mini energy chain series

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • High robustness combined with quiet operation
  • Space-saving: small inner heights and bend radii
  • Various fastening options
Learn more about the E2 mini
E2.1 Energy chain

E2.1 Energy chain

  • Long service life with very quiet operation
  • Easy filling and assembly
  • Over 850 variants for every application
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GLO.S energy chain

 New  guidelok swing (GLO.S)

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Guide trough

Guide troughs

  • U-shaped steel guide troughs for the E2 mini energy chains (series 10 and B15) and zipper chain (series 15) energy chains
  • Outer height of trough side part: 48mm
Guide troughs PDF file
Energy chain sensors

Condition monitoring | i.Sense

  • Non-stop condition monitoring of the energy chain
  • In the event of problems, the software can initiate an emergency stop to avoid greater damage
  • Increases operational safety
Learn more about i.Sense
chainflex cables

Cables for moving applications

  • Cables for moving applications
  • With a four-year guarantee
  • E.g. CF34 and CF35 motor cables with improved temperature stability
Learn more about chainflex cables

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White paper on maintenance of e-chains

System comparison

Energy chain systems instead of festooning, motor cable drums and busbars

Energy chains systems instead of festooning Energy chain systems instead of festooning
Provide guidance for cables and energy chains while keeping them protected and safe in wind and fluctuating temperatures. This minimises downtime.
Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums Energy chain systems instead of motor cable drums
No slip ring on long travels. Guide all media safely in one system. Travels of up to 1,000 metres.
Energy chain systems instead of busbar systems Energy chain systems instead of busbar systems
Deliver data, energy, fluids and air without failure in a single energy chain system. For narrow compact spaces and fast lane movement. 

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

Take a look at our test laboratory for chainflex® cables and e-chains®, where tests are run for ten billion cycles every year.
For long travels, sensors are used in e-chain® field testing.

Brochure: Energy chain systems for indoor cranes

Information brochure


Recycling program for e-chains

Installation service

Installation service

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