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Energy chains of the E4Q/R4Q series

Easy handling - Opening and closing of an energy chain completely without tools

E4Q/R4Q series energy chains have been developed to offer the best possible solution for unsupported and long travels. Based on the robust E4.1 standard energy chain, which proved its worth over a period of 12 years,  the new series has a long service life and features a high degree of modularity.

  • 40% less assembly time: crossbar with fastening straps for opening and closing without tools
  • 100% higher pull-out strength: positive-locking crossbar
  • 10% less weight: material recesses allow it to be lightweight while retaining great stability
  • 20% more fill weight: vertically and horizontally positioned stop-dogs for optimum stability, depending on the type of installation
  • 17dB(A) quieter: optional noise dampening, can be retrofitted as an accessory component at any time
  • Novel integrated grid structure for fixed interior separation with narrower separators
  • Inner/outer link for absolutely straight run
  • Undercut design ensures the best hold and high lateral and torsion strength
  • Good access for easy filling
  • Optimised interior geometry for longer cable service life

Typical application areas: Machine tools, cranes, automation systems

Product range:

Part No.Inner heightOuter heightInner widthOuter widthBend radius 
E4Q. 3434 mm60 mm75-400mm75-400mm75-400mm Request
E4Q. 4444 mm70 mm75-400mm75-400mm75-400mm Request
E4Q. 5858 mm84 mm75-400mm75-400mm75-400mm Request
E4Q. 8282 mm108 mm75-400mm75-400mm75-400mm Request

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Decisive design characteristics of the E4Q/R4Q series


System E4Q/R4Q  

Tool-free opening and closing.

System E4Q/R4Q  

Four stop-dogs for maximum strength in any installation orientation.

System E4Q/R4Q  

Less material in places where it does not add to strength.

System E4Q/R4Q  

Optional noise dampeners for even quieter operation.

System E4Q/R4Q  

Interior separation product range, also for complex division.

System E4Q/R4Q  

Notches in the crossbar for secure grip of the separators.

System E4Q/R4Q  


Optional noise dampening – new concealed system for noise reduction. Can be retrofitted any time. Rubber elements attached to the horizontal stop-dogs additionally dampen the impact noise of the already very quiet e-chains. 17dB(A) less noise than that of Series 4040C.


Vertical and horizontal stop-dogs – the vertical stop-dogs provide extra rigidity and allow large unsupported lengths. The horizontally arranged stop-dogs, on the other hand, are particularly important if the e-chain needs more flexibility and durability in areas with excessive bending, for example, over long travels. 20% more stable than E4.1.


Crossbars (e-chain)/lid (e-tube) – the e-chain and e-tube can be opened and closed without any tools at all. Crossbars and lids/shelves lock in the side section for even greater holding forces. The e-chain/e-tube can be filled in considerably less time. 40% faster filling than E4.1.


Reduce weight – New findings have allowed material to be left out where it has no function with regard to the load on the e-chain . This approach has been taken inside, between the stop-dogs, and outside. Nature-inspired rounded shapes were used for the design. 10% less weight than E4.1.