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Small drylin® SLN linear axes with lead screw drive

Miniature linear axis for the smallest installation spaces

drylin SLN linear axes offer the solution for tight installation spaces. The small axis measures 28x22mm and is configurable with a stroke length of up to 250mm. Thanks to the lubrication-free polymer sliders, it operates extremely quietly and is also very lightweight. The micrometre table of installation size 27 forms the basis. The lead screw axis is available with ball bearings in the shaft end supports. The drylin SLN micrometre table can be adjusted both manually via hand wheel and motorised combined with drylin E stepper and DC motors.

SLN miniature linear modules

Small SLN linear axis

  • Single parts made from aluminium and polymer
  • 100% lubrication-free
  • Very compact type
  • 3 carriage types
  • Axis mounted on plain bearings or ball bearings

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drylin SLNV miniature module with motor

Small SLNV linear axis

  • Precise adjustment due to pre-load prism slide
  • For stroke lengths of up to 250mm
  • Clearance reduction through pre-load
  • Lead screw with plain or ball bearing
  • Self-locking with trapezoidal thread Tr6x2

Miniature linear axis with motor

Small SLNV linear axis with motor

  • igus lead screw motor for high precision
  • Can be configured with four dryspin thread pitches
  • Can be extended with initiator kit
  • SLNV linear module for the smallest installation spaces
  • Clearance reduction in z and y directions through spring pretension

Configure individual linear modules with lead screw drive

  • With just a few clicks, find the right SLT or SLN linear module with lead screw drive and submit an order or request a quotation
  • Make entries and choose the appropriate proposal
  • Add to shopping cart and submit order or request a quotation online
  • Download parts list as PDF files

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Lead screw stepper motors drylin E

For a motorised low-profile linear module lead screw drive, igus offers powerful lead screw stepper motors. The motors are offered in three sizes: NEMA11, NEMA17 and NEMA23. The combination with a dryspin lead screw guarantees precise centring and a long service life of the low-profile linear module.

  • 3 installation sizes with or without strand
  • Available ready to connect
  • With or without encoder

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drylin E lead screw stepper motors


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