Energy chains for reach stackers, straddle carriers, empty container stackers and spreaders

Which cable guidance and cables should be installed on industrial vehicles?

When particularly efficient container handling is required, manoeuvrable industrial vehicles have an advantage over large crane systems. When loading and unloading semi-trailers or stacking containers, ports therefore rely on reach stackers, straddle carriers or empty container handlers.
Unlike in cranes, energy chains will cover shorter travels and have to carry comparatively lower loads. Nevertheless, there is a demand for robust systems that function without failure during continuous use in port operations and minimise maintenance costs. In addition, the energy chains should be easy to handle, have a space-saving design and still offer plenty of space for cables inside.

Energy chains in container handling

Energy chains in container handling
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Cables in container handling

Cables in container handling
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Energy chains in container handling

E4.1 energy chain

E4.1 - For reach stackers and straddle carriers

​​​​​​The basic version of the E4.1 energy chain offers high stability with small dimensions and is therefore suitable for long-term use on the straddle carrier and reach stacker in container handling. The daily stress and endurance tests that the E4.1 and other energy chains are subjected to on an area of 2,147m² in our in-house test laboratory also offer certainty. In addition, the E4.1 is always rust-free and maintenance-friendly when used outdoors.
The system can also be expanded in a modular way for special requirements: glide pads for extremely abrasive conditions or rollers for high speeds or long travels.
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Energy chain E4/light

E4/light - Lightweight, narrow

With slimmer side panels and a thinner crossbar, this version of the E4.1 relies on an exceptionally light design and more interior space for cables. This makes it particularly suitable for shorter travels.
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Energy chain E4.1L

E4.1L - Strong and easy to assemble

With the E4.1L, the advantages of two energy chains have been brought together: The robust design of the E4.1 and the ease of assembly and accessibility of the E2/000. The result: A user-friendly and durable e-chain.
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E4Q energy chain

E4Q - Robust and durable

With the E4Q energy chain, attention was paid to a very strong structure that also allows very long and unsupported travel. In addition, the energy chain can be opened and closed particularly easily without tools.
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E2.1 Energy chain

E2.1 - For empty container handlers and spreaders

In the medium load range for industrial vehicles such as container stackers or spreaders, we often recommend E2.1 energy chains. The extremely strong and space-saving systems are very easy to fill with cables and are perfect for long-term outdoor use.Thanks to the advanced design, the service life has increased again compared to its predecessor, the energy chain E2/000. This makes the E2.1 energy chain an all-rounder in the medium load range.
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chainflex cables

Cables in container handling

Cables are heavily used in port operations. In industrial vehicles that operate continuously at container terminals, they will often be in motion around the clock. So that there are no core breaks and the cables achieve the longest possible service life, we test all our chainflex cables extensively in advance in our in-house test laboratory with a total floor area of 3,800m².
All our cables are also UV-resistant, come with UL-certified variant and receive a blanket guarantee of 36 months.

chainflex control cables CF9 and CF10

In the range of control cables, thanks to different numbers of cores and outer jacket materials, we offer the strength that is required on terminal vehicles but also for longer travels such as on cranes.
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chainflex control cable

chainflex motor cables CF37/38, CF330/340

Our motor cables ensure reliable and failure-free operation in reach stackers, straddle carriers and other industrial vehicles. And that with high mechanical loads and temperatures from -40 to +50°C.
Discover CF37Discover CF38Discover CF330Discover CF340
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chainflex motor cable

chainflex bus cable CFBUS

We offer a wide range of bus cables for the common bus systems. Thanks to different outer materials and their tested durability, they can be used in industrial vehicles in terminals without any problems.
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chainflex control cable

chainflex coaxial cable CFKOAX

chainflex coax cables are supplied with a TPE outer jacket and are UV-resistant. They enable reliable signal transmission in reach stackers and other terminal vehicles, even under high mechanical loads.
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chainflex coax cable

Your advantages with chainflex cables

UL certificate

UL certified

We also offer a UL cable (Underwriters Laboratories) for each chainflex cable type.
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Suitable for outdoor applications: Our cables are all UV-resistant.
36-month guarantee


Thanks to our daily laboratory tests on chainflex cables we offer a 36-month guarantee without hesitation.

Application story: Safe cable guidance on the telescopic boom

Tested for real-world applications in the industry's largest test laboratory

A look at the e-chain and chainflex test laboratory Take a look at our e-chain and chainflex test laboratory, where 10 billion cycles are tested annually. Test laboratory for energy chains | Test laboratory for chainflex cables
fdsf Take a 360° tour of our 3,600m test laboratory.