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"Light Gravure" as final graduation project



  • What was needed: Weight-optimised linear guides
  • Requirements: Good price-performance ratio
  • Industry: Education
  • Success for the customer: Project support and consultation on the selection of components

The present student project of the institutes BIK and BIME (University of Bremen) deals with the development of an NC-controlled linear robot for use as a multifunctional machine tool. This should have three axes and the construction must be lightweight.

Engraving machine

Final project

The two students Markus Fey and Joachim Schrott are about to write their practical final thesis after four years of advanced education at the University of Applied Sciences for Automation Technology Mainz. The task was to plan and implement a CNC-controlled 3-axis machine in the design of a linear robot. The basic idea of the students Fey and Schrott was to engrave inscriptions on wood or plastic. The two students used a CAD programme to plan and design their machine. With this programme, the technical planning of their machine has been considerably simplified and accelerated. The guide elements and e-chains® used in the engraving machine come from igus® GmbH. The project team decided on igus®, as their products fully met the requirement profile of the project.

General advantages of the igus® products are lightweight, corrosion resistance, protection against weathering and dirt, as well as freedom from maintenance and lubricants. The used e-chains® were determined according to the available installation space. The length, width and height and the bend radius of the e-chains® played a major role. The students Fey and Schrott decided on a closed system that protects cables from dirt and damage. The zipper system was chosen to make it easier to lay the cables. This enables the feed-through of the cables after the installation of the e-chains®.

Products used
Drawing of the engraving machine

Drawing of the engraving machine


drylin® R


Trapezoidal lead screw nut


Guide rod


drylin® R


Guide rod


Guide rails


drylin® W

Criteria for the selection of guide systems

X axis

For the x-axis, the Fey and Schrott project team opted for the drylin® T Mini guide system.
Main criteria for the selection of the guide system:

The compact design

The supported profile rail system

The subsequent integration into existing extensions

Y axis

The students used the drylin® W guide system for the y axis.

Main criteria for the selection of the guide system:

The supported rail system

The low costs

The very compact flat type

The good force absorption in all directions

Z axis

The project team selected the drylin® R guide system for the z axis.

Main criteria for the selection of the guide system:

The lightweight

The low costs

X axis X axis
Y axis Y axis
Z axis Z axis

The project team:

Markus Fey Markus Fey





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