Now for robots, too - intelligent 3D energy chain condition monitoring

i.Sense TR.B: Now avoid unplanned downtimes and high failure costs, even on multi-axis and industrial robots, with smart condition monitoring from smart plastics for triflex® R energy chains.

i.Sense TR.B: Condition monitoring on robots The monitoring sensor is very easily installed at the end of the triflex chain using the mounting plate supplied.
Robots have long been indispensable in many areas of industrial manufacturing – bb welding, painting, soldering, and palletising: industrial robots are becoming dynamic. A flexible 3D energy chain such as the triflex® R from igus® makes it possible to guide robot cables safely. To detect potential chain breaks caused by extreme loads in good time and avoid unplanned machine breakdowns, igus has developed i.Sense TR.B, the world's first condition monitoring system for 3D energy chains. 

Customers can thus increase the safety of their robot systems with an investment of just a few hundred euros. The i.Sense TR.B sensor is connected directly to the PLC customer control system - without additional software costs. If a chain link breaks, the system detects the change in the length of the rope installed in the chain and can send out a digital signal to the system control. Instant breakage detection allows immediate maintenance measures and can thus prevent unplanned downtimes and total failures when individual chain links break.
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Tech up

Tech up

  • Real-time condition data acquisition for the robot's energy supply system
  • Intelligent breakage detection allows immediate maintenance
  • Longer protected cable package service life
Cost down

Cost down

  • Direct TR.B sensor connection to the PLC customer control system without additional software costs
  • Avoid unplanned downtimes
  • Prevent total failure when individual chain links break


  • Ongoing test series in the industry's largest test laboratory for dynamic power transmission systems in industrial robots


  • Condition-based maintenance avoids unnecessary or premature chain replacement
  • Reusable after correct emergency system shutdown

The functionality of i.Sense TR.B is shown again in the video here:

triflex energy chains' high dynamics and load limits are best demonstrated in a video.

Intelligent breakage detection successfully implemented

i.Sense from smart plastics in practice

Wastewater treatment plants and wastewater operations |
Port and container cranes
Conveyor and bulk handling


"Less effort, greater availability"

i.Sense EC.B in use "Less maintenance effort, greater availability, the capability of guiding all different cables and hoses in a single system, intelligent i.Sense condition monitoring … I would definitely choose the intelligent igus energy chains again!"

Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Wilhelm, Project Manager for AOS Stade GmbH

Customer applications worldwide

Overview of i.Sense examples Whether in international automotive production, the global crane industry or regional wastewater plants: i.Sense systems are successfully used and maintenance costs are saved and machine downtime prevented.

To the application overview

When do I need a smart condition monitoring system like the i.Sense TR.B?

Condition monitoring instead of production downtime

When regular maintenance work requires complete production shutdown ...
Condition monitoring system for very small deviations

When motion anomalies cannot be detected by humans in time ... 
Condition monitoring for continuous monitoring

If plants or machines need to be monitored frequently or continuously ...
Condition monitoring for hard-to-reach areas

If energy supply system travels are difficult to access or view ... 
Condition monitoring for security areas

If maintenance work poses a health or safety risk ...
Condition monitoring for reducing costs

If maintenance costs are to be reduced and service life extended ...

i.Sense in daily use on linear chains

  • The i.Sense EC.B (EC = e-chain, B = breakage detection) sensor is installed on the moving end of the e-chain (in the video with the smaller sensor box for short travels)
  • Special mounting brackets allow the EC.B. sensor to be installed on the moving end of the e-chain
  • A rope is stretched through the e-chain, which picks up any change in length and reports it to the new EC.B rope hoist sensor.
  • This detects chain breaks, shuts down the system and prevents further damage
More about the other i.Sense systems
Sensor expert Konstantin Schmer explains the system (German)

10 tips for energy supply on the robot

Free white paper for download

This guide shows you step by step how to select, install, and commission an energy supply system for Axis 3-6 of an industrial robot. 
The first few points are about positioning the cable and hose pack and selecting the right energy chain.

Then you choose the appropriate retraction system. Helpful tips on assembly and a final checklist complete the ten-point package and provide step-by-step instructions for both amateurs and professionals.    
Download the 10 tips

Integration into your network environment

As part of the i.Sense condition monitoring system from smart plastics, all i.Sense EC.B data can also be evaluated in the i.Cee switch cabinet module. The complete alarm and escalation management of the plant can then be controlled digitally. 

The i.Cee module can be integrated into predictive maintenance concepts in a number of ways, from preventive service management, which schedules regular maintenance depending on use, to location-independent fault management, which immediately reports any unforeseen change via various mobile channels. All information is collated in a modern dashboard, online or offline in the local network, depending on the customer's requirements.

General smart plastics overview

Insight into the entire igus Industry 4.0 product portfolio

Table of contents for this free brochure:
  • Condition monitoring (i.Sense)
  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Advantages of condition monitoring systems
  • Condition monitoring application examples
  • Predictive maintenance (i.Cee)
  • Systems for predictive maintenance
  • Advantages of predictive maintenance systems
  • Application examples for predictive maintenance
  • Data flow in modern smart factory concepts
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