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Sausage-, Fish- and Meat processing

Overview of materials used and application examples

To find in applications like:

Sausage filling machines


Bag filling system

Cold cuts machine

Skinning machines for fish

Skinning machines for fish

iglidur® X or iglidur® A500 bearings use for different pivoting movements.

Application examples of our customers

Sausage link cutting machines

Clean, durable, and maintenance-free: polymer plain bearings in the food industry.

Meat roller

This production machine makes meat slices as flat as a pancake.


Maximum care must be taken with hygiene wherever foodstuffs are handled.

Salami cutter

With this application, salami is cut into slices. As with all applications in contact with food, here too lubricants cannot be used.

Ham cutter

This machine is also used for processing food, in this case raw ham.

Rust-free roller chain

The maintenance-free polymer bearings are used in rust-proof roller chains, which are employed to drive main and auxiliary equipment.

Lift platform in a meat processing plant

This meat processing plant uses lift platforms that enable employees to process meat vertically.


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