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Solutions for forklifts

Forklift lifting device

Forklift blades

Plates, round and hollow bars made from a variety of different sliding plastics.

Forklift operation

Control panel

Curved linear guides with radii that can be chosen individually.

Forklift steering

Steering column bearing, pedal

For high loads up to 250 MPa, lubrication-free and maintenance-free, high vibration dampening.

Head rests in the forklift


Profile rail guides, optionally with defined locking points.

Seat adjustment in the forklift

Seat adjustment

The e-chain with high torsional resistance, smallest bend radii and inner heights.

Control panel in the forklift

Control panel

Cables for the smallest installation spaces, fail-safe with up to 36-month guarantee.

igus products being used successfully

chainflex cables in Still order pickers

Even with smaller order pickers, the deflection principle for cable guidance has proven itself, but got quickly twisted and looked like a corkscrew. The special chainflex cable structure with cores wound in bundles also works very well on the rollers. Thereby the cores are first wound in bundles, which in turn are braided with a small pitch length around a core element. This core element is not used as a filler, rather it is designed as a strain relief element. In appearance the result is highly reminiscent of a steel rope. To additionally support this stable braiding construction a jacket is extruded under pressure to supplementally guide the wires in the longitudinal direction. All of these measures result in the fact that the forces occurring in the cable are minimized and the construction remains intact.

Chain and "roller-suitable" cables for order pickers - Still company uses chainflex cables from igus®

Further products for industrial vehicles

drylin lead screw technology

Lead screws

  • Maintenance-free
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight

drylin SHT

Lead screw module

  • Freely selectable stroke lengths
  • Optional multi-carriage system configurable

Slewing ring bearings

Slewing ring bearings

  • For horizontal rotary movements
  • Ready-to-install slewing rings for lubrication-free, dry runnng

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Material handling

For trouble-free processes in warehousing


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