3D printer construction: Lubrication- and maintenance-free products for 3D printers

Components or ready-to-install system solutions for the design of 3D printers – suitable for all installation spaces

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free technologies and components from igus are already playing a central role in most assembly kits and blueprints for 3D printers. Tribologically optimised high-performance polymers ensure enhanced 3D printing technology and lower costs. With its modular motion plastics system, igus enables maximum design freedom for self-constructed 3D printers: drylin linear plain bearings are almost noiseless as no metal bearings are used, and dryspin® lead screw nuts ensure efficient and precise adjustment of the print bed. In addition, energy chains from igus increase machine operating times, as a result of which corkscrews and general cable failures are a thing of the past. Extremely constricted installation spaces, very small bend radii, short assembly times-profit from our wide range of products with no minimum order quantity.
Our engineers have developed a high-temperature printer especially for the processing of high-temperature filaments, the design data of which you can download for free and use for building your own high-temperature printer: 

Download free design data for the high-temperature 3D printer

Simply order 3D printed components online

Do you require individual, wear-resistant components for building your 3D printer or are looking for solutions for quickly manufacturing abrasion-resistant prototypes or small volumes?
Then you can use the igus 3D printing service: simply upload CAD, select material and compare prices right away.  The completed parts are ready to ship in one to three days. We also offer 3D printing materials for food contact, ESD protection, fire safety and further special properties.

Find out more about the igus 3D printing service here

News 2020

Save costs with thread systems

▲ Tech up

Five new lead screws with pitches of 6.35x2.54 LH, 12.7x12.7, 16x10, 20x5

Up to 30% longer service life thanks to thread asymmetry

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective alternative to ball screws

More than 5,000 lead screw drive options available from stock

More information about the new dryspin thread sizes

Clear anodised linear rail

New strong all-rounder filament

The new standard for medium loads

Advantages of our products at a glance


Quiet operation and smooth sliding

Resistance to dirt

Long service life


A wide array of variants and material types

Order and test your free sample box now!

Especially suitable products for use in 3D printers


  • Extensive modular system
  • Easy assembly with maximum utilisation of installation space
  • Over 25 rail designs for maximum design freedom

Shaft guide

  • Compatible with standard ball bearings
  • Replaceable liners
  • Highly wear-resistant, robust and resistant to dirt

Lead screw technology

  • Lubrication- and maintenance-free
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Media-resistant


  • Versatile use: good combination of high wear resistance, strength and temperature resistance
  • Good processing ability with an enclosed printer and igus® adhesive film

drylin R slide bearing

  • Linear bearings in Japan Standard
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Very quiet operation
  • Dry running
  • Robust and reliable
  • Secured by circlips


  • Easy installation
  • Minimal inner height (5mm)
  • Stable, lightweight for dynamic applications

Application examples of our customers

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Printing industry

Insensitive to pressure dust and paper dust.

Vending machinery

100% lubrication-free, quiet and durable: plain bearings, linear guides, energy chains and drive modules for fully automated systems