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readychain® - Increase your capacities and cash flow quickly with igus®

Reduces your storage costs to zero for cables, e-chains® and plugs

In Cologne, igus® manufactures its products on about 45,000 sq.m. interior space. 80,000 products delivered off the shelf. Reduce your capital commitment and enhance your cash flow with igus® readychains®. Our large-volume material procurement saves you time and money, independent of serial application or individual projects. The complete component readychain® reduces your storage and dispatching of e-chains®, cables and plug connectors to a minimum, and at the same time reduces the number of your suppliers and orders by 75%. Make use of the experience of over 130 igus® readychain® specialists to your own benefit.

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readychain® news 2021 ...

... Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Tech up, cost down: we will always give you at least one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered you for many years. The immense challenges of the current pandemic have spurred us on to even greater efforts.
Experience all 2021 readychain® and readycable® innovations such as pluggable e-chains and ready-to-install harnessed SPE cables right here.

News 2021 overview readychain® & readycable®

We do it immediately

Assembly-optimised delivery of readychain® rack Installation-optimized delivery of an igus® readychain®

Cut your throughput times from days to hours

The throughput time of the assembly of complete energy chain systems often takes several days. Reduce the throughput times to hours - with readychains® from igus®. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, igus® is able to supply complete systems within 10 days of the guaranteed deadline to almost any part of the world.
readychains® - Ready to fix and install
The delivery condition of your readychain® is crucial for your in-house transport and installation. To get the material to "flow" is one our most important tasks for your operation. Experienced specialists from the igus® readychain® project planning division would be glad to advise you in the definition of the componenet interfaces and on the design of the combined transport and installation aids.

Modular plug-in connector for energy chains

Plug in your energy supply with just ONE connector

The connector modules can be adapted to the filling and geometry of the e-chain in one or more layers. This enables ideal cabling in terms of function and design for every application.
Combining the system with the universal strain relief system from igus enables secure attachment directly in the connector housing. The soft elements used enclose the cables and hold them securely in place without damaging them. Visually reminiscent of a honeycomb, the flexible structure adapts itself to different cable diameters which provides universal strain relief.
For Module Connect, there are a variety of application possibilities, such as at the chain fixed end or moving end, between two e-chains or for the insertion of cables in terminal boxes or switch cabinets.

Respond flexibly to order variations

Utilize igus® manufacturing capacities
Transfer your capacity problems to us. The igus® readychain® factory compensates for your order variations with state-of-the-art production technology and specialized staff.

Respond flexibly and utilize our know-how - Flexible production planning
special tools used overarching projects and customers guarantee consistent quality at low costs. All employees are trained both for the readychain® installation and for the cable assembly. Flexible production planning safeguards your delivery times.

Even greater capacities for the cable assembly
Chain, cable, harnessing. Order the components with a product number ► Receipt of components ► Transport to machine and "turnkey" installation

Reduce the number of suppliers and orders by 75%

One order, one invoice, one delivery, one partner
We reduce your work to the maximum so that you can lower your project planning costs. Our trained staff supports you at every step in implementing a smooth readychain® project. We can answer many of your queries over the phone and demonstrate all the advantages your company could obtain from readychains®. All data necessary for the preparation of precise planning documents are collected by us on site. Thereby we individually go into your specific application.

Chain - cable - guarantee

Minimize your machine downtimes

All readychain® components are subjected to extensive quality checks and functional tests
Our quality assurance function uses special test equipment to check every readychain® system before it is shipped. All readychains® and components are tested in the igus® laboratory. More than 2000 tests are conducted on e-chains® and cables each year. With an igus® system guarantee, we guarantee (depending on the application) the safety and quality of your readychain® – just ask about the igus® guarantee. "chain – cable – guarantee". igus® is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

igus® Climate chamber - e-chains® and chainflex® test runs possible at -40° to +60°C

readychain® factories worldwide

igus® worldwide

Reduce the number of suppliers to your international manufacturing locations

igus® manufactures more than 1600 readychain® systems each week at 12 readychain® factories around the world. With more than 100,000 e-chains® and 4800 connector components and more than 1244 special chainflex® cables available to us, we are able to manufacture your individual readychain® within 3 to 10 days worldwide and depending on the application concerned, with an igus® system guarantee.