e-spool application examples

The igus e-spool is considered the alternative to the slip-ring-free cable drum with which energy can be guided in all directions (horizontally, vertically, diagonally). More versatile and flexible to use than cable drums. Different media (power, data, and fluids) can be routed together in one system
Typical industries and applications:
telescopic applications, stage and lighting technology, a space-saving alternative to zig-zag applications

Cable robot

This cable robot is used in automated high-bay shelving systems.

Spool collector system

The roll-up energy chain system in a spool collector system

Baling press with a long service life

Baling presses compress and bind hay bales, among other things, in agriculture. An e-spool energy chain ensures reliable cable guidance in the tightest of installation spaces.

Coil crane

On this coil crane, the motor-driven cable drums required a lot of maintenance.

The e-spool system

The cable drum without a slip ring. No tensile strain on the cables. Space-saving, no "chain station", as the e-chain is rolled up in the starting position, ensuring the paths remain clear.
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