Energy chain system that can be rolled up and unrolled in a mobile wind system

Description of application

System: Mobile wind system with telescopic function
Customer requirements: Energy chain system that can be rolled up/unrolled, space-saving, durable, and different cables in one system
Solutions from igus: e-spool - the alternative to the cable reel
The mobile wind system prevents frost from destroying buds and young shoots in fruit plantations. A special propeller ensures that the air circulates above the plantation, thus preventing frost from settling on the fruit trees. The wind system is mobile and can be extended vertically up to 10 metres. An area of approx. 7 hectares can therefore be covered.
e-spool in an extendable mobile wind system

Structure of the e-spool as an alternative to the cable reel

e-spool in mobile wind machines
The compact and durable e-spool combines the advantages of two different energy supply systems: a standard e-chain from the E2/000 series, guided by a roller, has an integrated retaining spring which ensures that the energy supply system has exactly the right length and tension at all times. The customer has the choice between three different length variants (0-4m, 4-7m and 7-14m). In the home position, the e-chain is completely rolled up to save space.
The twisterband connects the roller to the shaft end block, which serves ad the interface to the supply-side cables. Unlike systems where sliding contacts are used, data cables and hoses for compressed air and fluids can be guided together safely in one system.
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