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Energy chains increase the productivity of MESSER Cutting Systems

Description of application

  • Systems: MultiTherm MESSER Cutting System
  • Industry: machine tools
  • Customer requirements:
    • Durability in any environment
    • Safe guidance of cables and hoses in a very small installation space
    • Economic efficiency
  • Solution from igus: e-chains of the 3500 series and autoglide

The MultiTherm machine allows plasma cutting (straight or bevelled), oxyfuel cutting with various torches, marking work, or a combination of all these processes with longitudinal units arranged side by side to guarantee highest-quality cuts.  According to manufacturer's specifications the key differentiator of the MultiTherm series is that "it is nine times less expensive than other conventional machines on the market, while having nine times more output". In terms of productivity, it is therefore setting new standards on the market.

Messer cutting unit  

Customer requirements:

The MultiTherm can hold 11 cutting suspensions / torches, 10 installed in the front and one in the back. A prerequisite is therefore that the supply of energy with the help of cables and hoses can function safely and reliably in a very constricted space. In addition, the machines are used in very different sectors, including shipbuilding, steelworks and heavy industry. The MultiTherm cutting machines are designed to operate in dirty and abrasive environments without interruptions or failures.

igus solutions:

Energy chains nested inside each other need less installation space and ensure safe and reliable guidance of cables and hoses. Here, e-chains from the 3500 series with bend radii of 150mm and 250mm were used. An autoglide system ensures that the chains slide straight over each other. The special comb-like crossbars enable the chain to basically guide itself and do without an additional guide trough. What's more, one of the technical and economic advantages of igus products  is that they save costs: "The energy chains" basically cost half as much because they last twice as long", explains the technical director. An economical solution as the energy chains are maintenance-free and their long service life leads to cost savings and greater productivity gains for customers.

Products used

Series 3500 e-chains  
Series 3500 e-chains


Customer satisfaction

"We have never had any problems with igus as a supplier", adds Maxwell Santos. The energy chains function without any failures or unscheduled downtimes. Apart from the technical properties of the e-chains, the support service provided by igus and trust in the product information were decisive factors for Messer. This strengthened the partnership during development of the project over a period of years.
This partnership extends worldwide as Messer uses igus energy chains in plants in Germany, the United States, India and China alongside Brazil. No better solution could be found at any of its five locations. All CNC laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines therefore leave the factory already fitted with e-chains from igus.

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