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Wear-resistant plastic gears, spur gears, worm wheels and more: 3D printing instead of machining

Configured online in 60 seconds... delivered in less than 3 days... cost savings of up to 40%

Have you had enough of plastic gears wearing out too soon? Then go for 3D printed gears made of high-performance plastics, such as iglidur® I6. The 3D printer can manage even the most complicated of geometric designs, no matter whether spur gears, worm wheels, helical-bevel gears or double gears are involved. In addition to the design of the gear itself, it is just as important to make the right choice of material. Laboratory tests have shown that gears made of iglidur® I6 are still fully functional even after one million rotation cycles. Unlike their machined equivalents made of polyoxymethylene (POM). When tested, they were worn after 321,000 cycles, the teeth became blunt and finally broke off after 621,000 cycles. In everyday life, this would have meant plant downtime.

Gear configurator

Gear configurator  
You still don't have a 3D model? Then you're in the right place here.

  • Configure a gear in 60 seconds
  • Obtain your personal 3D model in only a few steps

3D printing service

3D printing service for wear-resistant parts  
Do you already have a 3D model? If so, please continue here.

  • Simply drag&drop your personal 3D model into the 3D printing service area
  • Select the gear material suitable for your purposes from our 3D printing materials and the required quantity  
  • The price of the gear will be calculated within a few seconds and displayed directly

Achieve maximum service life with the right choice of material

Gear test involving iglidur® I6 against standard materials

Module: 1.25, teeth: 38, width: 10mm, transmission: 1:38, speed: 12rpm, load: 4.9Nm.
1) iglidur I6 (igus SLS): after 1 million cycles only little wear, fully functional
2) POM (milled): completely worm out after 621,000 cycles
3) PBT (milled): fracture after 155,000 cycles


Advantages at a glance

  • Very long service life resulting in little maintenance effort
  • Cost-effective  as there are no tool costs with no minimum order quantity
  • Also cost-effective with larger quantities, for example up to 8000 pcs.

  • iglidur® I6 is ideally suited for  worm gears
  • iglidur® I3  is  especially suited for spur gears and helical-bevel gears as well as  for all kinds of wear-resistant parts

Gear 3D printing brochure  

Guideline for industrial 3D printing

Design... material selection... printing of plastic gears


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