Go for gold with your exciting energy supply concept:
The sixth vector awards

Have you ever wondered how energy and data can reach the arm of an industrial robot safely? How it is possible that STS cranes in container ports are operating reliably, around the clock, for years? Or how high-speed tracking shots can be transmitted over a distance of hundreds of meters without any interruption and vibration? The solution to all these challenges are energy chain systems.
In order to find the boldest and most innovative system in the world, motion plastics® specialist igus® initiates the vector awards every two years. The starting signal was given again in Stuttgart at the Motek exhibition.

Michael Blass  

You can win:

The gold vector trophy, certificate and 5,000 EUR prize money

The silver vector trophy, certificate and 2,500 EUR prize money

The bronze vector trophy, certificate and 1,000 EUR prize money

vector winners 2016

vector® in gold  
gold vector

vector® in silver  
silver vector

vector® in bronze  
bronze vector

We are looking for bold energy supply solutions
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