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triflex® R Series TRE, energy chain, "easy" design, very easy filling - simply push cables in

  • Inner height hi: 33/28mm
  • Inner width Bi: 33/28mm
  • Bend radius R: 135mm
  • Pitch: 30,6mm
  • Design: Simply press cables in
Product description
System triflex® R TRE.B

1. multidimensionally movable - high flexibility for complicated movements even in the 6th axis. Twisting of approx. ± 10° per chain link possible in the longitudinal axis. This supports guiding of the cables around difficult geometries.
2. high tensile force absorption due to special "trailer principle" (= principle ball / ball socket), means smooth movements in all axes
3. simple opening principle - for easy filling and replacement of pre-assembled lines or media hoses
4. excellent mechanical properties
5. small bending radii and small pitch - for space-saving installation
6. easy assembly and disassembly possible - one injection-moulded part, thus little assembly effort. No supporting elements (e.g. steel cables, spring balancers, etc.) required along the tensile force
7. high stability - due to external stops, clear stops for radius and torsion
8. minimise set-up times through simplest connection and intelligent accessories to your machine/robot.
Possible applications: 

When to use the TRE.B series:
  • When an easy-to-fill 3D chain is desired.
  • When a safe energy supply system is required for multi-axis (3-D) movements
  • When a high torsional capacity is required
  • When the system should be easy to shorten and lengthen
  • When a small bending radius is required
  • When high tensile strength is important

When not to use Series TRE.30
  • For circular movements with high loads
  • System twisterchain®
  • When a completely closed version is required
  • System triflex® R TRC
  • When a more cost-effective, less demanding 3D solution is desire
  • System triflex® R TRL
Technical data