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triflex® R TRC series

  • Energy tube
  • Enclosed design
  • Maximum swarf protection for cables
  • Bend radius R: 50 - 182mm
Product description
Flexible in any direction - high degree of flexibility for complex movements, even robot axis 6. Rotation of approx. ± 10° per chain link possible in the longitudinal axis. This facilitates cable guidance around difficult geometric structures
High tensile force absorption due to the special "trailer design" (=ball/cup system), means smooth movements on all axes with a tested tensile strength of up to 100N
Outstanding mechanical specifications - impact proof, dirt-repellent, robust, abrasion-resistant and swarf-resistant. Slides over edges while protecting cables due to smooth outer and inner contours. Tested for more than 1 million cycles in the igus® laboratory
Small bend radius and pitch - for space-saving installation
Easy to lengthen and shorten - one injection-moulded component, requiring little effort to assemble. No supporting elements (e.g. steel cables, spring mechanisms, etc.) necessary along the direction of tensile force
Extremely strong - due to stop-dogs on the outside, precise stops-dogs for radius and torsion
triflex® R set - compact universal module for all movements of the robot, is mounted on existing fastening points
Set-up times minimised due to very easy connection to your machine and comprehensive accessories
Still available for special applications: fibre-rod modules, universal mounting kits and FlexBar
When to use TRC series:
  • If a secure energy supply is required for multi-axis movements
  • If high torsion resistance is required
  • If the system needs to be easy to lengthen and shorten
  • If a small bend radius is required
  • If high tensile strength absorption is important
  • If a smooth and robust outer contour is required to avoid snagging

When NOT to use TRC series:
  • For circular movements with high load,
     it is better to select a twisterchain®
  • If an easy-to-fill variant is required,
     it is better to use a triflex® R TRE
  • When a less expensive, less sophisticated multi-axis solution is required,
     we recommend the triflex® R TRL
Technical data