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Flexible servo cables

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Servo cable from igus® GmbH - in tireless motion

A servo cable is a cable for the energy supply of so-called servo motors, which variously position machine parts during operation. The movements are associated with high mechanical stresses and often take place in an environment contaminated by moisture, oil, coolant, dust or chips. The servo cables from igus® GmbH permanently retain their performance characteristics under these conditions.

No. 1 in terms of choice, testing and guarantee

We manufacture fail-safe cables for movements in the e-chain® - for many cycles, high speeds, high accelerations and many more challenging conditions.

36 month guarantee

In our 2,750m² laboratory, we put our cables through their paces - and with good confidence, we can give them a 36-month guarantee on our cables!

Can be calculated and configured

With our tools you will find the right cable for every application - and can directly calculate the service life!

chainflex works  

Selection criteria for servo cables

In order to find the required servo cable, first the conditions of use have to be put together. These include the operating temperature, the mechanical stress, the travel and the requirements for oil resistance, as well as a possible torsional stress. Further selection criteria are the required number of cores and the required conductor cross sections.
The mechanical stress is described by the speed of the machine part to be connected, the acceleration when changing direction, the bend radius of the cable and the arrangement of the e-chain in which the cables are laid.

For servo cables, igus® GmbH offers both classic servo cables with one or two control pairs, as well as so-called hybrid servo cables, which already contain the control cores for the servo encoder. With the latter version, the number of total cables to be laid can be reduced. However, this requires a servo system designed for OCT (One Cable Technology) or similar systems. The design of the required conductor cross sections is carried out under two aspects. The maximum current that depends on the power input of the driven machine part and the voltage drop due to the electrical resistance of the conductor, which increases with increasing cable length (travel) must be taken into account.
The detailed filter in the online shop and the opportunity to ask questions to the employees of igus® GmbH will assist you in the search for the suitable servo cable. We look forward to your applications and are happy to help!

Highest demands on cable and energy chain in linear technology

HIWIN GmbH, a Taiwanese manufacturer of linear technology, focuses on customised solutions. The complex technology of high-end positioning requires appropriately robust components when executing the applications. Energy supply systems and cables must guarantee a long service life despite extreme accelerations. Through the many years of use of our products, HIWIN became familiar with our reliability under the highest demands. Our high-quality energy chains and servo cables guarantee a long service life despite the highest accelerations.

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chainflex® servo cables for off-road use

The Bochum University team has been working on the development of a solar vehicle for 18 years. It should be designed in such a way that it can easily handle the toughest conditions. Against this background, all components have to cope with the tough demands and at the same time have a low weight. Our servo cables have a special cable design that ensures the high current carrying capacity and withstands the mechanical loads due to motion and vibration, so that there are no interruptions to the power supply. As they are very tough, they are ideally suited to thermal stress.

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Structure of the servo cable The cores of the cables are made of strands made of very bend-resistant bare copper wires. The core insulation consists of a mechanically high-quality and particularly low-capacity TPE mixture. The overall shield forms a braid of tinned copper wires, constructed with an optimised braid angle designed for movement. This ensures long-term bending movements for long-term electromagnetic compatibility protection. Depending on the material, the outer jacket is resistant to UV light, chemicals, friction and very high or very low temperatures. Depending on the conditions of use, either the iguPUR developed by igus® or the common materials PUR (polyurethane), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) are used as material for the outer jacket . Finding the right material is facilitated by the filter function "Requirements", which allows you to select the conditions of your intended use.
The cores are arranged around a high tensile strength centre element and are held in the intended position with a gusset-filling inner jacket. This structure guarantees the long service life of chainflex® servo cables, which can be up to several million double strokes. For the determination of the expected service life under the specific operating conditions, the user has access to the online service life calculator.
The servo cables are sold by the metre by igus® GmbH. If required, harnessed cables with connectors are also supplied according to customer specifications.


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