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Versatile application.

Twistable robot cables

The increasingly complex movements in industrial applications demand twistable and/or three-dimensionally moving cables with a long service life, similar to the classic chainflex cables. For example, a movable robot arm generates high bending, centrifugal and torsion forces in a robot cable. The chainflex robot cables from igus GmbH have been specifically designed and tested for this special requirement.

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Dependable cables for movements in the e-chain - for many cycles, high speeds and accelerations and more challenges.

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36 months guarantee

In our 3,800m² laboratory, we put our cables through their paces – and we can confidently give them an up to 36-month guarantee!

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With our tools you will find the right cable for every application - and can directly calculate the service life!

Structure of a chainflex robot cable

chainflex cables for robots

Cores, stranded structure, shields and jacket materials must compensate for high alternating bending loads as well as cable diameter changes due to torsional movements. For the said specific stress in the three-dimensional area, the structure of robot cables must have a combination of soft and sliding construction elements. Filling elements are used which can absorb occurring forces such as torsions. For this purpose, PTFE elements and rayon threads are installed. chainflex robot cables also contain a special combination of PTFE liners so that the torsion-optimised shield assemblies can carry out necessary compensatory movements.

Special insulating materials are used for twistable bus cables. Here, cable capacitance, attenuation and the quality of transported signals are within a very narrow tolerance range. Depending on the area of application in robotics, the PUR jacket, which was specially developed by igus, protects against mechanical damage, such as caused by abrasion. The PUR mixture used here is both halogen-free and flame-retardant.

Special specifications of the chainflex robot cables

The igus robot cables for 3-dimensional movements, have very high transmission properties and signal qualities over the entire service life within very narrow tolerances, thanks to the use of torsion-optimised insulating materials and mechanical dampening elements.
igus GmbH also promises a guaranteed 5 million movement cycles with a torsion of ± 180° per metre. To ensure this, the chainflex robot cables are tested for several million more cycles under torsional conditions.
The "mechanical stress" to which a cable is exposed differs greatly between cables in a linear e-chain system and a cable subjected to bending, torsional and centrifugal forces. This cannot usually be determined in advance. The igus Torsion Test Standard was developed for this purpose. This standard allows a reproducible assessment based on meaningful test results. All CFROBOT cables with a fixed end distance of one metre are twisted at least 5 million times. Furthermore, a test with 270° torsion was carried out in a test rig with a chain length of about 2,500mm with strong impacts and high centrifugal forces as they often occur on an industrial robot.
Robot cables are available as fibre optic cable, servo or motor cable and hybrid cable. Control cables, data cables and cables for measuring systems are also available in this version.
Harnessed chainflex robot cables are also available chainflex robot cables can also be ordered as harnessed cables from a quantity of just one cable. Different plug-in connectors are also available as a fully installable readychain dress pack.


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