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iglidur® tribo-filament and iglidur® bar stock in comparison

Test setup for drive nut

In the latest experiment in the igus® plain bearings laboratory, drive nuts manufactured in 3D printing from the materials iglidur® I180 and iglidur® J260 were tested in realistic conditions. For further comparison, drive nuts made of iglidur® bar stock as well as an ABS printed drive nut were also tested.
In the experiment, a drylin® SHT lift table was installed vertically and the drive nut subjected to a load of 129N (Fig. 1). The stroke length was 370mm and the lead screw speed 290rev/min. A drylin® DST high helix lead screw specifically tailored to the lubricant-free iglidur® high-performance polymers was used, ensuring a longer service life.

Wear-resistant drive nut

Wear-resistant drive nut

Y = Wear rate [mg/km]
Stroke = 370 mm
Lead screw speed = 290 rev/min
1 = ABS printed
2 = iglidur® I180 printed
3 = iglidur® J260 printed
4 = iglidur® R bar stock
5 = iglidur® J bar stock


The result confirms earlier tests: the drive nuts manufactured with 3D printing from iglidur® tribo-filament have comparable wear characteristics to the drive nuts made from iglidur® bar stock.