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Use electrical appliances longer

5 tonnes. This is the amount of electronic waste that igus produces every year. At the same time, many devices are still functional. The reason for this is that the devices are all at least four years old and are being discarded. But isn't it possible to use these products elsewhere? This is the question that IT apprentices asked themselves, too, at the end of 2019. For about a year, all IT and business trainees have been working on a concept to save the devices from electronic waste. The idea, combined with the motto "reduce, reuse, recycle“ and including the affiliation to igus, results in reguse.

Apprentice while checking an old computer
Repair of a laptop
Employee examines a collection of monitors

Consisting of IT apprentices who refurbish the technology, industrial business apprentices who deal with the legal issues and a media designer apprentice who is responsible for marketing and presentation, everybody has assigned tasks. The terminal devices are saved from ending up in electronic waste and refurbished. We can even remove functioning parts from defective devices and turn several defective devices into one intact device again.
reguse offers all igus employees the opportunity to purchase refurbished technical equipment at a cost-effective price. The proceeds of the purchases does not remain at igus, but is instead donated to sustainable projects.

Due to the current corona situation, demand for such terminal devices is high, especially from students. reguse donated ten laptops to a school, equipping ten pupils with technology - and this even before the department had officially started working.
As of 1st April 2021, this service will be officially available to all employees.

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