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Winners from l to r: Ralph Strobel, Jürgen Stadelmaier (both
trainees at Bosch) and Matthias Müller (student at the Max Eyth Schule in Stuttgart).
The control stick acts as aileron and elevator.
Flexible solution The e-chain® from igus® bundles the cables of the complex control system.

Above the clouds ...

... Flugservolator wins state competition

Some weeks ago, Ralph Strobel, Matthias Müller and Jürgen Stadelmaier had reason to cheer - they were the winners of the "Jugend forscht" competition in Baden-Württemberg. With their gliding simulator the students and trainees have qualified for the final
round in Hamburg.

The Flugservolator will give non-flyers a realistic insight into the world of gliding. This ambitious goal was supported by an original
fuselage and a complex electronic control for the simulator.

It required just under a year from its conception in April 2006 up to the TÜV certification the following year. Till then the three tinkerers had to overcome a few safety-related hurdles and master some problems - for instance the coupling of the engine on the moving axle.

igus® could be of assistance in many aspects. On the basis of a long consultation at the Motek 2006, the entire bearing points of the simulator was equipped with plastic plain bearings.

"We decided on the bearings from igus because they are maintenance-free and cost-effective and absolutely simple to handle," says Matthias Müller. "The installation took only seconds and we didn't have to construct any special seating for the bearings. Moreover an extreme axial load is possible and in case of too high wear, we change the parts in the shortest time. “

igus®’ E-Chains brought order to the cable jumble caused by the complex electronic controls. "Thereby the cables were bundled but remained flexible, which was a basic prerequisite due to the rotation of the simulator", reports Ralph Strobel.

igus® is happy that it could practically support the team and now keeps its fingers crossed for the final round in Hamburg!

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