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Sterile packaging with xiros® polymer ball bearings

Technical data

  • What was needed? A bearing that functions reliably in cleanroom conditions 
  • Requirements: lubrication-free, low dust generation
  • Material: xirodur B180
  • Industry: cleanroom technology
  • Success for the customer: the xiros polymer ball bearings by igus convinced our customer Airex Co. Ltd. due to their resistance to chemicals and the fact that they are absolutely lubrication-free.
About the application:in this insulator, syringe sets are packed in a sterile way.  The syringe trays are guided through the insulator on a slightly angled roller system and ejected at the end of the decontamination insulator via a mechanism.

xiros® polymer ball bearings in an insulator

xiros® polymer ball bearings in an insulator
xiros® polymer ball bearings in an insulator


Airex Co. Ltd. from Japan had trouble finding a lubrication-free bearing with low dust generation and high chemical resistance for use within the insulator (Class A). In addition, it had to withstand the load of the shelf weight (400kg) and up to 80 syringe sets when tilted.  


The result: xiros polymer ball bearings made of xirodur C160 with stainless steel balls. As the ball bearings are lubrication-free, they guarantee the highest degree of cleanliness in the sterile environment. The ball bearings are arranged as scaled rollers to allow the syringe sets to glide.