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drylin® SLW linear unit with lead screw drive

Low-profile, tough, & torsional rigidity

Extremely torsionally rigid aluminium double-shaft profiles and a large number of linear carriage versions based on the drylin W linear system characterise the drylin SLW linear unit with lead screw drive. In addition to the low-profile linear rails, high, very tough linear rails are also available for the SLW linear modules. The SLW linear unit with lead screw drive is particularly suitable for manual format adjustment as well as for a motorised option for electrical adjustment.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Variable carriage widths and lengths
  • Low-profile linear rails or robust high profiles
  • Corrosion-resistant option made of stainless steel available

drylin SLW linear unit with lead screw drive

SLW - Compact version

  • Low-profile and compact
  • Special torsional rigidity
  • Fully supported
  • Hard-anodised aluminium rail

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Torsion-resistant drylin SLW linear unit with lead screw drive

SLWE-PL - Preload version

  • Low-profile, compact and clearance-free
  • Special torsional rigidity
  • Radially and axially pre-loaded lead screw support
  • 4 installation sizes

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Flexible drylin SHTC linear unit from igus

SLWE-BB - Ball-bearing mounted lead screw

  • Lower drive force
  • Minimised clearance up to 1500 rpm (according to length and load)
  • Quiet running due to reduced vibrations

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drylin SLW linear unit with lead screw drive for quick positioning

SLWS - Quick positioning

  • With high helix lead screw
  • High-speed solution for fast positioning
  • Up to 100mm stroke per rotation

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Corrosion-free linear unit with ball-bearing mounted lead screw drive

SLW-ES - Corrosion-free stainless steel version

  • Selectable plain bearing material
  • FDA-compliant with iglidur A180 plain bearing
  • High temperature iglidur X bearing, works in up to +250 °C

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drylin SLW-PT linear unit with protected lead screw drive from igus

SLW-PT - With protected lead screw

  • Profile rail as protection for lead screw
  • Low-profile design
  • 3 carriage lengths

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Linear unit with double lead screw drive

SLWT - With double lead screw

  • Carriages can be controlled separately
  • Separate manual adjustment of carriages
  • Design flexibility

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drylin SLWM linear unit with lead screw drive and digital measuring system from igus

SLWM - With measuring system

  • With digital measuring system
  • Sensor in the carriage, saving space
  • Operation without mains supply 

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Linear XV-tables and linear robots made of drylin SLW from igus

SLW XY - Tables

  • As standard or preload version
  • High precision & extreme stiffness
  • Accurate alignment through CNC manufacturing

Buy drylin SLW XY-table

Configure drylin SLW linear axes from igus online

Configure custom linear unit with lead screw drive

  • With just a few clicks, find the right SLW linear unit with lead screw drive and submit order or request a quotation.
  • Make entries and choose the appropriate proposal
  • Add to shopping cart and submit order or request a quotation online
  • Download parts list as PDF files

Product finder for the drylin drive technology

drylin SLW econ series

Lightweight and cost-effective linear unit with lead screw drive

  • Lightweight and cost-effective due to shaft end supports and carriages made in injection moulding
  • Silver anodised rail profile
  • Fast high helix thread or self-locking trapezoidal thread
  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free

Cost-effective drylin SLW econ linear unit with lead screw drive

Lead screw stepper motors drylin E

For a motorised lead screw drive of the linear unit, igus offers powerful lead screw stepper motors. The motors are offered in three sizes: NEMA11, NEMA17 and NEMA23. The combination with a dryspin lead screw guarantees precise centring and a long service life of the entire linear module.

  • 3 installation sizes with or without strand
  • Available ready to connect
  • With or without encoder

More about lead screw stepper motors
drylin E lead screw stepper motors

drylin SLW linear units in use

Test the benefits of drylin drive technology

igus SLW linear units with lead screw drive are based on the drylin W linear modular system as well as on maintenance-free and self-lubricating dry-tech high-performance polymers. The lubrication is incorporated into the bearing material, rendering the linear axes and linear module suitable for dry-operating conditions, i.e. they are maintenance-free for their entire service life. Ready-to-install linear units are available in 2-4 days. See for yourself, ask for a free sample from us.

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