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drylin® SAW linear guides with lead screw drive

Dynamic due to lead screw drive with ball-bearing

The high profile based on the drylin W series ensures the torsionally rigid basis of the linear modules of the SAW linear units. Due to the high type and the ball-bearing mounted lead screw as standard, the SAW linear guides are perfect for the direct connection of stepper motors or DC motors. Freely positionable proximity switches and matching adapter plates, which at the same time enable the construction of multi-axis systems, can be installed with optional profile grooves.

Typical application areas:

  • Positioning functions
  • Linear robot structures
  • Format adjustments
  • Height adjustments
  • 3D scanner

drylin SAW linear guide with lead screw drive

SAW - Dynamics in high-profile type

  • High, robust type in 4 installation sizes
  • For manual positioning or motorised operation
  • High stability

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Compact, short SAWC linear guide with direct drive

SAWC - Direct drive in short type

  • Smaller installation space and more stroke
  • Optimised ratio of useful length to total length
  • Improved operating characteristics & space-saving

Lead screw axes with motor

DLE - linear guide with motor

  • Pre-configured with NEMA stepper motor
  • Available in 24 hours
  • Pre-assembled and tested

Buy lead screw axes with motor
Cost-effective drylin SAWP linear unit of the econ series

SAWP - Extremely light linear module

  • Dynamic linear unit with carbon profile
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Stroke lengths available up to 300mm

Buy Carbon SAWP drylin linear guide

Configure linear modules from igus online

Configure individual linear guide with lead screw drive

  • Configure, align, order with suitable accessories (hand wheel, angle drives, etc.)
  • Price and delivery time display of your configuration
  • Simple transfer to shopping basket, no minimum order quantity
  • Creation of PDF reports with parts list, result of service life & individual application parameters

Product finder for the drylin drive technology

Lead screw stepper motors drylin E

For motorised lead screw drive of the linear module, igus offers powerful lead screw stepper motors. The motors are offered in three sizes: NEMA11, NEMA17 and NEMA23. The combination with a dryspin lead screw guarantees precise centring and a long service life of the entire linear module.

  • 3 installation sizes with or without strand
  • Available ready to connect
  • With or without encoder

More about lead screw stepper motors
drylin E lead screw stepper motors

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