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Mounting bracket for drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes for aluminium profiles

Easy assembly

New mounting bracket for drylin® ZLW linear axes

New mounting brackets are available for fastening drylin® ZLW toothed belt axes made of aluminium construction profiles. Mounting of the bracket on the T profile - attach ZLW unit - fix on the side of the slot nuts – done. The brackets also have the option to accept initiators. Simply a new and very practical option to attach ZLW linear axes and save time.

Available for drylin® WSX / SAW(C) / ZLW Installation sizes 0630/1040/1080/1660

Material: anodised aluminium

Connection options. 'T' slots profile/linear axis/initiators

any position

Quick assembly

Including mounting material

Product range

Order number Suitable for
rail profile
Linear module Toothed belt axis    
AK-0037 WSX-06-30 SAW(C)-06-30 ZLW-06-30 27.83 USD Add to shopping cart
AK-0038 WSX-10-40 SAW(C)-1040 ZLW-1040 32.42 USD Add to shopping cart
AK-0039 WSX-10-80 SAW-1080 ZLW-1080 31.88 USD Add to shopping cart
AK-0040 WSX-16-60 SAW-1660 ZLW-1660 40.07 USD Add to shopping cart
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