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Tube adjustment with lasered scale


drylin® SET EasyTube, the new linear unit is suitable for light, manual adjustment tasks. Easily move the carriage by hand. Clamping at every position. Including lasered, wash-proof scale.

Absolute freedom from lubricants


Continuously clamped

Available with and without scale

Three stroke lengths ex stock: 200, 400 and 600 mm

Part No.:

Technical data    
F radial   N   300
Max. extension at maximum load   mm   66
Max. extension at nominal load 100 N   mm   200
Max. shifting force without load   N   10
Max. holding force   N   100
Max. stroke length   mm   850

Part no. with scaling Without spindle
With spindle
Stroke length
 SETM-25-AWM-200-SC without lead screw 200
 SETM-25-AWM-400-SC without lead screw 400
 SETM-25-AWM-600-SC without lead screw 600
 SET-25-AWM-200-SC With trapezoidal lead screw 10x2 200
 SET-25-AWM-400-SC With trapezoidal lead screw 10x2 400
 SET-25-AWM-600-SC With trapezoidal lead screw 10x2 600
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