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Swap your festooning for an e-chain system® and save in energy supply and cables!

On festooning systems, cables "hang" around free and loose on cranes in the wind and weather. Unprotected, festoon systems are exposed to fluctuating temperatures plus sand and salt (on outdoor installations). They can also easily get tangled, which then quickly leads to hold-ups. igus® offers a secure and modular alternative to festooning systems in cranes, with which you can save cables and avoid downtimes.

We compared e-chain systems® and festoon systems in a 100m installation:

Shorter cable lengths / Space-saving design:

Festooning in cranes  

approx. 115 m cable for 115% travel distance

approx. 3,000 mm length for the "cable loops"

Energy chain systems in cranes  
igus® e-chain system®:

ca. 50% less cable (52 m cable with centre feed!)

Approx. 800 mm system height

approx. 10% less steel construction (for the cable junction)

Secure guidance of cables in the e-chain®:

Unprotected hanging cables in a festoon system  

Cables hang uncontrollably and can get caught in the crane structure (e.g. due to wind).

Energy chain system: Protected, safely guided cables on the crane  
igus® e-chain system®:

Cables are securely guided in the e-chain® and cannot get caught at any point.

Secure strain relief with igus® clamps:

Strain relief by steel cables in festoon system  

Strain relief with steel ropes.

Strain relief through clamps in the energy chain system  
igus® e-chain system®:

double strain relief with CFY clamps.

More examples of successful crane system modernizations by igus®

Here festoon systems could be successfully replaced


igus® applications and references from the system modernization sector in the crane industry.


All the benefits of igus® energy supply solutions for crane systems at a glance:

Approximately 50% less cable compared to festoon

no extra mechanical load on the cable

the cables are always guided with a bending radius defined at all times

secure in the guide trough

almost maintenance free

savings on steel construction

everything in one system

No additional drives and controls (roller chains reduce the required push/pull forces by about 75%!)

Trolley speeds of up to 10m/s and travel distances of up to 800m


Energy-efficient P4 roller e-chain®

Save up to 60% power with P4

chainflex® CF98  
TPE control

For particularly small bending radii


We assemble the chain, cables and connectors for you and delivery in 24h to 72h.

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connector-cable configurator

In only 3 minutes select over 950 chainflex® cables and 3,000 connector components, directly order and generate ePLAN electric P8 macro.


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