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Overview of materials used and application examples

To find in applications like:

Bottle inspection

Height- and volume control

Seal and label control

Application examples

Inspection systems: for label or bottle checking

Inspection systems: for label or bottle checking

drylin® SLW or SHT lead screw linear system for adjusting the height of cameras or sensors.

Inspection: camera box adjustment

Inspection: camera box adjustment

drylin® SLW-2080 linear system for XZ-adjustment of inspection cameras.

Application examples of our customers

Test facilities

This test system labels and checks pharmaceutical packaging.

Encoding machine

Application of the drylin® spindle lift table in the encoding machine for the height adjustment while changing the encoding material.

Electrical actuator

For extremely varied format adjustments: drylin® SHT spindle lift table.

Inspection optics

drylin® T in inspection optics for trouble-free examination of concealed solder joints in components.


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