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In automotive production, the conveyor belt never stops. Collaborating robot arms for assembly and welding work are in continuous use, as are all the components that supply them with energy and data and implementation of movement. Our products are designed for movement and continuous use. For example, the triflex R energy supply system protect cables that must perform 3D and torsional movements on robots and other rotating machines. For the best combination in terms of service life, the energy supply systems use our chainflex cables, for which we offer a 36-month guarantee. And if you want to know even in advance whether the chain will go on functioning properly, you can use our smart plastics sensors. Whether new project or retrofit - our universal modular kit solutions can be tailored for each application within automotive production.

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Low Cost Robotics is also ideal for automobile production. Volkswagen uses a robolink robot arm from igus. The robot arm undertakes the gluing of acoustic elements in the area of the rear battery console. Learn how to automate your processes starting at €6,999.

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