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Components for aerial lifts, telescopic boom platforms

Ready to install, with guarantee, from one source, assembled

Failures and downtime costs nerves and money. This is often especially annoying when the fault is in the "umbilical cord", the energy supply, due to mismatched components. Dismantling the existing system is often time-consuming and expensive, and sourcing the right components from multiple manufacturers is often tedious.
igus offers energy supply systems that safely guide energy and data in aerial lifts and telescopic boom platforms. Such equipment is constantly in motion and has to function reliably in difficult ambient conditions as well as under high levels of loads and at high speeds.

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Complete energy supply - guide all in one system

Use just one part number to procure the entire energy supply system including hydraulics, electrical cable, bus cable and connecting components, and even have them installed

Complete energy supply systems

The igus readychain system covers harnessed, tailor-made energy chain systems. The "Plug & Play" solutions are configured, manufactured and delivered according to individual customer specifications.
All interfaces and attachments are designed in such a way that the installation of the e-chain® can be managed quickly and easily. The complete package includes the matching connectors and connections, plates, sensor actuator boxes, linear bearings, links to the central lubrication, hydraulic hoses, etc., all reducing the installation time considerably.

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Maintenance and installation service

Maintenance and installation service is also available from igus®. We install the system with system guarantee and also offer the possibility of predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance with intelligent products

smart plastics

igus smart plastics supplies products with different isense sensors, the evaluation module icom and icom. plus, that measure operating states, announce necessary maintenance measures and also stop operation before any greater damage to equipment can occur.

Installation service and after-sales service

Installation service and after-sales service

We take care of the installation. Clearly calculable installation costs and upon request, with a service contract for the complete energy supply from igus.

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