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Universal installation set for TRC + TRE fibre-rods

The easiest and quickest way to attach a fibre-rod

  • Universal assembly set offers the possibility to fix the fibre-rod modules in any position to the robot arm
  • Targeted masking of interfering edges and avoidance of cable loops
  • Guide triflex® R very close to the robot arm or laterally to axis 6 to allow max. rotary movements
  • Make corrections easily and quickly, even with small programme changes
  • Special connections additionally available at short notice upon request
  • Due to the adjustable attachment of the triflex® e-chain system® in all axes, the fibre-rod module can be fixed in many positions to the robot arm in order to adjust the ideal reset position

Universal assembly kit for fiber rod module The fiber rod modules can be fixed in any desired position on the robotic arm with the universal assembly kit
Universal assembly set_disassembled Including variably installable mounting plate for installing directly on the robot (dimension A, B, C)

Universal assembly set sizes available

Part No. Dim. A [mm] Dim. B [mm] Dim. C [mm] Dim. D [mm] Dim. E [mm] Weight [kg]
TR.40.80 74 40 8.4 475 325 3.925 543.20 USD Add to shopping cart
TR.50.80 74 40 8.4 475 325 3.925 469.29 USD Add to shopping cart
TR.60.80 74 40 8.4 625 325 5.166 584.30 USD Add to shopping cart
TR.70.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 13.242 708.22 USD Add to shopping cart
TR.85.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 13.551 764.29 USD Add to shopping cart
TR.100.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 13.512 820.35 USD Add to shopping cart
TR.125.80 75 80 12.6 875 575 14.361 1,268.53 USD Add to shopping cart
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Matching fibre-rods for the universal assembly set



  • Directional pretension ensures constant distance to axis 3-6 of the robot
  • Compare with a fishing rod above the robot
  • Creates constant pretension in length from 700 to 2000mm
  • Supplied as a pre-assembled component assembly, consisting of triflex® R energy chain (TRC or TRE.B) and assembled fibre-rods
  • No tangling on the robot and reduced spinning compared to loose e-chain®.
  • Automatic return of the triflex® R to the initial position

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Installation instructions for both products

  • Simple products
  • fast assembly
  • Very easy adjustment of the system to the application
  • Delivery from stock
  • Easy to use

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