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twisterchain - circular and spiral movements, snap-open along both sides

Circular movements with twisterchain - the twisterchain product line offers an extensive range of products for circular movements. twisterchain applications are available with a guide trough which provides guidance for the e-chain®, reduction in e-chain® abrasion, greatest possible smooth running and angles of rotation of up to 360°. The modular design of the guide trough makes it possible to use a longer chain length, various bend radii and different rotation angles.

Turns possible up to 540° (with special mounting parts)


The modular structure of the guide trough enables the linking of a variety of radii of chains, circles and bends with always the same trough parts.


Opening - press down the screwdriver vertically in the groove of the crossbar. Loosen the crossbar by prizing (against the clamp)

Installation instructions

Assembly of the twisterchain.

Application examples

Applications in various industrial sectors and in the igus® test laboratory.

twisterchain 3D CAD configurator

Generation of complete twisterchain 3D CAD models.

Snap-open along the inner and outer radius
Twister chain  
Series 2208

Inner height hi: 28 mm
Inner widths Bi: 52,5 - 112,5 mm
bending radii R: 55 - 150 mm
Pitch: 44 mm

Twister chain  
Series 2808

Inner height hi: 32 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 150 mm
bending radii R: 100 - 250 mm
Pitch: 56 mm

Twister chain  
Series 3808

Inner height hi: 42 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 200 mm
bending radii R: 100 - 250 mm
Pitch: 67 mm

Twister chain  
Series 4008

Inner height hi: 56 mm
Inner widths Bi: 50 - 200 mm
bending radii R: 150 - 400 mm
Pitch: 91 mm

This "spiral-shaped" modular e-chain® is especially suitable for:

Circular, spiral movements up to 540° (with special mounted parts).

Quick cable replacement

Modular, rugged design - variable widths.

Cable-friendly interior

Crossbars can be opened along both sides

New guide trough type 01 and guide trough type 02 (up to 360° movement) available from stock

Variable interior separation

Applicable in rotation speeds up to 4 m/s

With steel mounting brackets (electrically conductive)

Typical industrial sectors and applications


Handling machines

Packaging machines

Glass machines

General mechanical engineering etc.


Circular motions possible up to 540° (with special mounting parts)

UL94-V0 Classifications on request

2 different types of guide trough systems available