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Super-aluminium support tray

The design of this support tray emulates the igus® aluminium trough. This modular construction kit covers the standard sizes of our e-chains®. The aluminium support tray is suitable for the Series E2/000, E4.21/E4.28/E4.32 and E6.29/E6.35/E6.40.
Because of its flexible width adjustment through installation sets with C-profiles, the support tray is can be used with all e-chain® with outer widths of 55 mm and greater. Standard installation sets can be used, just as for the aluminium trough. The plastic fixed-end modules can be used here as well.

Corrosion and seawater-resistant aluminium profile

Wear-reducing glide bar integrated as a standard

Built-in silencer profile means e-chain® runs quietly

Simple assembly on flexible-width C-profiles with basic clamping shoe

e-chain® easily connects to support tray using plastic fixed end modules

Open design principle so debris can fall through the trough; if a closed bottom is required, it can be integrated as an option

Conductivity according to DIN EN 61537 - standard

Super-aluminium support tray  
Aluminium support tray product range:
Part No. Trough height Length
 9AT.35.SLA.1000 35 1000 Upon request 
 9AT.35.SLA.2000 35 2000 Upon request 
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Installation kit product range:
Part No. Trough width Trough height
 960AT.30.100 100 30 Upon request 
 960AT.30.125 125 30 Upon request 
 960AT.30.150 150 30 Upon request 
 960AT.30.200 200 30 Upon request 
 960AT.30.250 250 30 Upon request 
 960AT.30.300 300 30 Upon request 
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The installation kits can also be ordered with a C-profile of stainless steel (Part No. ending E).
Please specify this information in your request.
Aluminium support tray, Zg

Components Components, installation set
(1) Trough side parts, aluminium, 2 m   (A) Bottom clamp, aluminium
(2) Glide strips, plastic, 2 m   (B) C-profile, galvanised steel; also available in 304 stainless steel
(3) Optional: Silencer profile, rubber   (C) Allen wrench
    (D) Sliding nut

Aluminium support tray, Zg

The side part of the super aluminium support tray consists of an aluminium profile (1), a silencer profile (3) and a glide pad (2). A 2 m field length with a distance between supports of 1 m is standard. The minimum length of the C profile of the installation kit is 100 mm.