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Energy chain in the ship loading system at the Baltic Sea port of Wismar

In the course of the alterations in the Baltic Sea port Wismar, a ship loader that earlier exclusively loaded potash, was retrofitted for the handling of various bulk materials.

Technical data of the application:

Ship loader with a capacity of 720 tons per hour A number of several bulk materials of different types and consistencies are handled. Due to the discontinuation of other loaders and the high working load, the retrofitting of the loader had to be designed from the scratch so that it can withstand high loads at any time. Despite the absence of replacement infrastructure, long down times should not occur.

Speed: 20 m/min

Travel distance: 195 m

Since the ship loader started operations in 2000, no troubles, either mechanical or in the cables, have occurred in the energy chain area. None of the cables or chain link had to be replaced.

igus® Series 5050 in the energy chains channel of a ship loader Ship loader in action


The chain was supplied in one-meter pieces, assembled on site and fitted with cables.
In just 300-millimeter width of the (E 4/4 type, Series 5050) chain, the motor cables and all bus and control cables, among them the Siemens SPS7 programmable logic controller to control the entire facility, were routed.

Potential inductive interference fields that could affect the signal transmission were prevented by a special shielding of the bus and control cables. All power and control cables fitted to the chain come from the chainflex® cable range.

Ship loader in action with made-to-spec igus® energy chain of the Series 5050  Series 5050, center mounted in stainless steel guide trough

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