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Material Data igumid & igus® e-chain® Colors

Material data tableUnits
of measure
igumid G/GLW
igumid NB
igumid ESD
igumid TE
igumid GE
igumid G V0
igumid NB V0
Mechanical properties
Yield stressMpa190/13078/40***
Elongation at break%004/00620/210***
Flexural modulus (tensile test)Mpa9000/70002900/1200***98003100
Limit of elasticity (bending)Mpa78003000950012907200
Flexural strengthMpa24012023055200210115
Shore D hardness-79798372807975
General properties
Moisture absorption 23/50 r.h.% weight1.
Maximum total moisture absorption% weight5.
Electrical properties
Specific transitional resistanceΩ x cm>1011>1011<109>1011>1011>1011>1011
Surface resistance ROAΩ>1011>1011<109>1011>1011>1011>1011
Thermal properties
Lower operating temperature°C-40°C-40°C-40°C-40°C-40°C-40°C-40°C
Upper long-term application temp.°C+120°C+80°C+80°C+70°C+120°C+90°C+90°C
Upper short-term application temp.°C+160°C+170°C+150°C+140°C+200°C+140°C+140°C
Material certificates
Flammability as per UL94HBV-2HBHBHBV-0V-0
2002/95/EG (RoHS)yesyesyesyesyes
2002/96/EG (WEEE)yesyesyesyes-
according to RAL, approx.≈RAL9004≈RAL9004≈RAL7015≈RAL9004≈RAL9004≈RAL9004≈RAL9004
Fire protection certification
 nononononoaccording to FAR 25.853
and EN 45545 HL3 R22/R23
according to FAR 25.853
and EN 45545 HL3 R22/R23
*Values upon request

Colours and special solutions

The basis for product prices is always the black colour. Energy chains in any colour shown in the colour selection chart are subject to a percentage colour surcharge. Any other colours not shown in the chart are individually calculated depending on part and quantity, insofar as they are technically possible. For technical reasons, HT and ESD materials cannot be supplied in other colours.

RAL numbers (approximate)

Black ≈ RAL 9004
Index .0
(Standard from stock)

icon grey

Silver grey ≈ RAL 7037
index . 31
(special colour)

Signal white ≈ RAL 9003
Index .1
(special color only e-chains®)


Grey-white ≈ RAL 9002
Index .1S
(special color)

Orange ≈ RAL 2003
Index .2
(special color)

Yellow ≈ RAL 1018
Index .4
(special color)

Light-grey ≈ RAL 7035
Index .14
(special color)

Many other colours possible – please get in touch with us.
Delivery time for special colours: from 5 working days, further special colours possible from 15 working days