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Glide pads for energy chains on long travels

Friction and wear-optimised sliding elements and roller e-chains extend the service life of igus energy chains in gliding operation

For gliding energy chain applications, igus developed glide pads several years ago. These can significantly extend the service life of energy chain systems. This solution is recommended for travels between 1m/s and 3m/s.

  • Wear protection of the energy chain
  • Especially for gliding applications in environments with abrasive media
  • Easy to fit

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Glide pads for energy chains

Gliding or rolling

Glide pads for energy chains versus roller energy chains

igus glide pads for energy chains are characterised as an economical alternative to the roller e-chain for the lower speed range between approx. 1m/s and approx. 3m/s.
Standard applications are equipped with gliding e-chains without glide pads or rollers. If such e-chains applications are equipped with glide pads, the service life expectancy can be increased. Depending on the application, a doubling of the service life can be achieved with igus glide pads. In comparison, a [link pagenr="22636" title="rol e-chain"] usually quadruples the service life expectancy. For highly dynamic plant with speeds above 3m/s, rol e-chains are the right and first choice.
Glide pads will not be able to provide the desired benefits in such systems; even glide pads with the best material composition will reach their limits.
For systems that run at high speeds and have to cope with high cable loads, roller energy chains are the only alternative.


Friction down - service life up

For over 50 years, igus has been developing plastic compounds for the production of plain bearings and plastic energy chains. The aim of material development is to use ever new research to find materials that reduce costs and improve technology. An important factor is the durability of gliding plastic energy chains. From the very beginning, highly abrasion-resistant materials were used for the production of the e-chains. Just over 20 years ago the roller energy chains were introduced and they are constantly being further developed.

Glide pads for energy chains from igus®
Tests with different material mixtures

igus® constantly tests in its [link pagenr="23948" title="in-house laboratory"] under real conditions, and the glide pads are also tested. With 10 billion e-chain cycles per year in the e-chains and chainflex test laboratory, an enormous knowledge of plastic energy chains has been built up over the years.
With the glide pads further developed by igus® for energy chains, friction and wear can be optimised at low to medium speeds and the service life of the energy chain system can be extended in horizontally gliding applications.

In comparison

igus glide pad for energy chains and competitors' glide pads

Glide pads from igus®

Glide pads from igus

Tribo-optimised material, large sliding surfaces and can be assembled without tools

Glide pads of competitors

Glide pads of competitors

Seldom to be installed without tools

Glide pads of competitors

Glide pads of competitors

Mostly less sliding surface

Multifaceted product range

Suitable and recommended igus energy chains