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"E6 system" applications

The abrasion resistant fastening elements replace the conventional pin-hole connection For this reason, E6 is suitable for clean room application This was confirmed by the IPA Fraunhofer Institute, ISO Class 3*. The special structure of the chain link and the small pitches make the E6 system especially low noise. A measuring conducted by the TÜV Rheinland in May 2002 indicate a value of 46dB(A)** at a sound level caused by a minimum 10dB(A) of external noise. Another advantage of the fastener is that by the application of an electrically conductive material (igumid ESD on request), a continuous constant conductivity can be guaranteed. The following results can be obtained with standard material: ESD compatibility class 1 according to SEMI E78-0998 for Series E6.
* according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for Series E6. for v = 1 m/s and v = 2 m/s
** Speed 2 m/s, 1.5 m unsupported, Series E6., 10dB(A)

Camera robot systems

Camera robots for an application in news and television studios:

CNC grinding machines

A very new generation of camshaft grinding machines

Positioning systems for electronics manufacturing

Low vibration, quiet, and low wear

energy chains for microassembly

Extreme demands on availability and durability

KUKA Cobra

This robot becomes faster, lighter and more compact with an additional axis.

High-speed sheet feeding

igus® E6 energy chains are used at Strohmann GmbH. High-speed sheet feeder makes high demands on energy supply.

Clean room technology

No wear in the igus® energy supply system even in endurance tests. In a travel of 290 mm, a number of 50-60 cycles per hour is attained mostly in the three-shift operation.

Vibration reducing

The special structure of the chain link and the small division grant an extremely quiet and low-vibration operation of the chain.

CNC grinding machine

Incidental grinding residues and the used oil cannot influence the energy supply systems.

High speed camera positioning

The rail & Tracking systems are used wherever fast camera movements are an important factor as, for example, at sport competitions, but also at many popular events such as concerts, stage shows, etc.

Temporary display

Visible for approx. only one minute are these pictures, which are ”printed“ with UV lighton a light-sensitive screen.

”Virtu“ large-format printer

The ”Virtu“ large-format printer can be used to print almost anything: sheetmetal, foils, textiles, wood, glass, and, of course, also paper in widths up3.5 metres.

Cutting tool

The igus® e-chain® E6 demonstrates its strengths inthe case of this cutting tool.

Wafer handling

One igus® e-chain® of the E6 family accelerates the work sequences in the case of this application for wafer handling in the chip production industry.

Multi-spindle machining center

In this application, a two-spindle horizontal machining center was equipped with particularly silent and low-vibration energy supply systems.

ARD - Camera robots

Low-vibration energy chains of the E6 series from igus® being used in ARD's Tagesschau television studio.

Series E6. for especially quick transport of the cables and ink tubes in a digital printer, extreme low noise. Fill weight: 2 kg, speed: 2 m/s, acceleration: 20 m/s2, 6050 cycles per day
Series E6. in an automatic extraction system. Processed CD covers in the fraction of a second: Tool open, gripper on. Tool closed. All in 0.25 seconds, speed 8 m/s, acceleration: 78.5 m/s2
Horizontal and standing installation on the portal robot reduces noise level and vibrations.
e-chain® lying on top of each other reduces vibrations and improves milling accuracy, Series E6.80
Energy chain Series E6.52 CD cover extraction robot. Acceleration: 78 m/ s²

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.