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Application examples with the E2 micro series

Energy chains of the E2 micro series are very small, one-piece energy chains, which are lightweight and ideal for highly dynamic applications. E2 micro e-chains are non-openable, strong and available in many designs. igus also offers numerous accessories and fastening options. Upgrades of the openable versions are available for many types; different types are interchangeable and can therefore be used as, spare parts for existing applications, for example.

Typical industries and applications:

General construction machinery, models (micro e-chains), automatic doors, vehicles, measuring machines, electronic handling


In automotive interiors, small installation space, quiet and vibration-free operation of the components is important

e-chains® in CNC machining centre

Secure cable guidance thanks to igus®: e-chains® in CNC machining centre made of wood

Energy chains for 3D printers

3D printers: energy chains from igus ensure the reliable, computer-controlled production of plastic parts

Spray-painting robot

In this paint-spraying machine, sensors aremoved over minimum space.

The E2 micro series

E2 micro e-chains are very small, one-piece and two-piece e-chains, which are lightweight and therefore ideal for highly dynamic applications. E2 micro e-chains are strong and available in many versions. 

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