e-spool® with manual pull-out

e-spool with manual pull-out
The manually operated e-spool is designed for applications where only one cable or hose is pulled out by hand. The cable is pulled out to the required length to a control panel or tool, and can be retracted after use. To prevent the cable from being under tension all the time, an inertia reel is fitted. In this way, the extension length can be locked. An extension length of up to 5m can be insert achieved.
  • Compact, space-saving cable drum without slip ring
  • Integrated latching mechanism against unwanted rewinding (very similar to a vacuum cleaner cable)
  • Also suitable for media or air hoses
  • Handle with mounting option and strain relief
Typical application areas:
robot teach panels, work stations, assembly lines

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Filling guidelines for the e-spool

Due to the special mechanical stress in an e-spool, we recommend using our chainflex cables. Additionally, we recommend observing the following filling rules:

1. Cables may only be laid next to each other in the linear chain - never lay several cables on top of each other!
2. With unshielded cables, chainflex cables with TPE outer jacket should be used wherever possible.
3. Shielded cables should come from the chainflex cable family CFROBOT family.
4. The maximum bend radii of the twisterband used must be observed.
5. If possible, use separators to protect cables against overlapping and abrasion. To make the best possible use of the interior space, install the separator in alternate segments.
6. Lay cables according to diameter or insert bend radius - thin small ones inwards and larger ones outwards.
7. Apply strain relief to both ends of the cable. The cable tie knot must not be fitted in the direction of the chain.
8. The cables should be installed in the twisterband with clearance space both outwards and inwards from the rotary axis.

Installation instructions

In the case of a horizontally moving application, a smooth surface must be provided on which the energy chain can travel.

Assembly instructions

e-spool assembly instructions

Documentation - Installation instructions

According to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Real-world examples

ready for shipping in 8 weeks