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Option 3: As EA16 and EA25

Version 3 is a combination of autoglide version 1 and easy chain®.
The sprockets similar to tiewrap plates are integrally molded on the chain link and available now in two sizes.

autoglide chain links of one piece, no additional parts required

Very fast installation times for long travels

Guide troughs not required!

Easy Chain® system: Cables and hoses can be inserted without opening the chain

Narrow installation width, quiet operation

Functional guarantee for the entire system with chainflex® cables

UL94-V2 classification

Fillable from outside
e-chain®, to be filled in the outer radius  
Series EA16

Inner height Hi: 32 mm
Inner height Bi: 48 mm
Bending radii R: 75 - 100 mm

e-chain®, to be filled in the outer radius  
Series EA25

Inner height Hi: 25,2 mm
Inner height Bi: 50 mm
Bending radii R: 65 - 100 mm