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Version 2: Series 200 - Injection-molded autoglide sprockets in the inner radius.

Guide troughs for long travel applications can be dispensed with when using the autoglide system. Self-guiding e-chains® glide safely on top of each other up to 70 m travel. This system has now been extended for igus® E2/000 and optimized further. Larger gliding surface of the autoglide crossbars ensure even longer life. A clip-on glide tab reliably ensures that the e-chain® is aligned properly on the first metres of travel. The traversable eccentric guides are fastened to the floor every 2 metres.


Travels up to 70 m without guide trough Speeds up to 2.0 m/s

Very compact, no trough in the working area

Fast installation times for long travels

Snap-open along the inner radius

Enclosed along the outer radius even for "half tube"

Clip-on glide tab, reliably feeds the e-chain®

Traversable over floor guide

e-chain® with crossbars at every link, enclosed design
e-chain®, not to open  
Series AG200

Inner width Bi: 57 mm
Bending radii R: 55 - 250 mm Pitch: 46 mm