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Custom connector service packs

Is the connector you are looking for not in the igus® connectors catalogue range?

We'll be glad to assist you! Whether for your own assembly line, as the mating connector for readycable® or as a replacement part for your customers.

Circular connectors  

Circular connectors e.g. in size M23

Sub-D signal connectors  

Sub-D signal connectors

Connector service pack  

Rectangular connectors, C148, Y-Tec® or connectors for network and bus systems

Connector service packs consisting of housing, insulation, strain relief, crimp/solder contact, completely order picked in any quantity and packed for you.

Your benefits:

More than 4,800 connector components from stock

Independent of manufacturer, world-wide procurement, thanks to the igus® global network

Custom article numbers/labelling possible on each package

Price: Benefit from the consolidated demand of our customers

Purchasing: Just one Part No., everything from a single source

QA: Just one incoming inspection

Internal logistics: Only one storage location, fast identification


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