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Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring  
By means of regular or permanent detection of the condition of machines in order to increase their safety, reliability and efficiency

Minimise the downtime of machines and equipment. Continuous condition monitoring with emergency shutdown of the machines and equipment. Keeping machines in good condition by means of scheduled shutdowns for maintenance and repair work

EC.P DMS Basic  
Push/pull force monitoring for e-chains

  • Measures the push/pull forces acting on the e-chain
  • Recommends shutdown of the equipment if a force limit is exceeded
Product: EC sensor. P

e-chains breakage detection

  • Detects chain breakage in the early stages
  • Prevents overloading and subsequent system failures
Product: EC.B sensor

Tensile force monitoring for cables  
Tensile force monitoring for cables

  • Measures the forces directly at the strain relief element
  • Triggers a shutdown by means of the NC contact if forces are excessive
Product: CF.P sensor


In the case of an existing or imminent defect, the sensors inform the system and recommend a stop. It operates without any additional external data-processing modules.
Integration of the isense for predictive maintenance, however, is possible at any time.



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