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chainflex® cables wiki

Overview of chainflex® cable types  
igus cable types

  • Fibre optic cables
  • Control cables
  • Bus cables
  • Data cables
  • etc.

A detailed look at cable types

Structure, shielding & handling of chainflex® cables  
Structure, shielding and handling

  • Cable structure
  • Dictionary of defects
  • Jacket materials
  • Shielding
  • Cores wound in bundles

Structure of cables

Special chainflex® properties  
Special properties

  • Halogen-free cables
  • Temperature-resistant cables
  • Chemical resistance
  • Oil-resistant cables
  • Use in energy chains

More about special properties

Online tools for chainflex cables

With the useful online tools, you can find products according to your individual requirements, configure custom cables and calculate the service life and copper surcharge of cables.  

Product finder for cables

Find the suitable cable for every application quickly and easily

With more than 1,400 parts, igus offers a wide range of flexible cables for moving applications. With the useful product finder, you can find the suitable cable that meets all requirements with just a few clicks online and make a request or order directly. With particularly demanding solutions, the requirements can be forwarded to an expert who will offer you a personal consultation. If required, the determined cable can be sent directly to the  e-chain expert, who can configure an individual energy chain for this cable.

Find a suitable cable

Service life calculator for flexible cables

Taking travel, bend radius and acceleration into consideration

Based on measuring from our test lab, it is possible to calculate the anticipated service life of chainflex cables for several cable types individually depending on the application. The service life calculated for the required cable as well as the technical parameters given for it can be exported as a PDF and shared easily.

Calculate cable service life

Copper surcharge calculator for cables

Current daily calculation according to the latest copper prices

Calculate the current copper surcharge quickly and easily depending on the desired cable length. In addition, it is possible to calculate the copper surcharge for several cables and the total price and to transfer everything directly to the shopping cart. 

Copper surcharge calculation

Custom cable configurator

Individual cables starting at 300m

Configure and order custom cables starting at 300m with just a few clicks. A simple tool for finding an individual solution at the up-to-date price in less than three minutes.  

Configure custom cables

Product finder for drive cables

Harnessed drive cables in accordance with manufacturer standards

User-friendly tool with product finder and service life calculator for drive cables. Find more than 4,000 drive cables according to manufacturer standards by entering the part number of the manufacturer or igus. After entering batch size and cable length in the start screen, the configuration can be directly transferred to the shopping cart and ordered or requested online. With this tool, it is particularly helpful that you can compare similar cables, whereby the most cost-effective option is always highlighted with a percentage sign.

Product finder for drive cables

Connector cable configurator QuickPin 2.0

Individual connector/cable solution from one source

With just a few clicks,  the connector cable configurator helps you choose the suitable product from over 950 cables and 3,000 connector components, configure cables online, order directly and generate EPLAN electric P8 macro. Operation is simple and intuitive, using the mouse and drag and drop. Furthermore, existing configurations can be transferred, opened and verified.

The cable configured with the connector cable configurator can be transferred into the shopping cart, shared, requested and ordered  or bookmarked for a later order. The final prices are visible immediately, including copper surcharge.

Connector cable configurator

Hose cable configurator

Hydraulic, industry and hose cable types and fixtures

With the hose cable configurator, you can create an individual configuration from  28 hose types and 12 fixture series. The selection of the hose cable takes place via series, pressure range, operating pressure, inner/outer diameter or bend radius. Fast configuration with display of prices and ordering possibility.  

Hose cable configurator


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