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Ball screw drive vs. dryspin lead screw drive
Maintenance-free even with short strokes

Can a polymer lead screw nut withstand high static loads?

The new design of the DST-JGRM series with optimised injection-moulded design is the robust alternative to a flange lead screw nut. The special design enables easy installation and is especially suitable for radial loads. In combination with a stainless steel plate, it can withstand axial loads of up to 6MPa.

Support of high loads

How can I reduce acquisition costs by 61.5%?

Our dryspin polymer lead screw nuts not only stand out from their metallic counterparts because of their technical advantages, but also because of their impressive purchase costs. They are up to 61.5% more cost-effective to procure than conventional metal lead screw nuts. And also in long-term application the costs are significantly reduced. The dryspin lead screw technology completely eliminates maintenance costs and the purchase of external lubricants. 

Cost down

Ball screw drives

- Regular lubrication and maintenance required
- Faster susceptibility to corrosion
- High weight
- Operating noise
- Not well suited for short strokes

What is the difference?

100% lubrication-free

Maintenance-free dry running thanks to drylin lead screw technology
Lubrication is essential for metal lead screw nuts, otherwise metallic abrasion will occur. Without appropriate maintenance the abrasion can block the entire system and the application can break down quickly. The lubrication-free, maintenance-free drylin lead screw systems are the perfect alternative to conventional metal lead screw drives.
Maintenance-free dry running thanks to drylin lead screw technology
With our drylin lead screw nuts made of iglidur high-performance polymers, you do not need a single drop of lubricant. Self-lubrication reduces maintenance  to a minimum. Dry running gives particles such as dust and fibre much less purchase. In dirty environments, this greatly increases service life over that of conventional, lubricated solutions.

Lubrication-free dryspin lead screw drives

Robust and with conventional connection sizes

The new type of the DST-JGRM series with optimised injection-moulded design is the robust alternative to a flange lead screw nut. It is characterised by connection sizes and pitches that are identical to those of standard ball screw nuts. The special design enables easy installation and is especially suitable for radial loads.
► Connection dimensions & pitches identical to standard ball screw nuts
► Lubrication-free & maintenance-free through iglidur® J high-performance polymer 
► Cost-effective through plastic injection moulding
► Tough and strong type 
► Available in 2 installation sizes for threads in ø14/16 and 18/20 

JGRM lead screw nut

Also available as "heavy duty" version with stainless steel plate! 
For higher axial loads, a heavy-duty version of the JGRM design is also available. The flange size of the heavy-duty JGRM lead screw nuts remains identical. The plate is fitted before the JGRM lead screw nut.
Due to the stainless steel plate, the contact surface for force dissipation is enlarged as the screw heads no longer come into contact with the plastic. This version withstands axial loads up to 6MPa.

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Weight savings of up to 34.4%

Recirculating ball screw nut with flange vs. drylin trapezoidal lead screw nut with flange
(identical dimensions)

Reduce weight by 88%
Reduce weight by 88%

100% corrosion-free


Do you have regular maintenance work due to corrosion?
As soon as metal ball screw nuts are used in humid environments, they start to corrode after a short time. The rust hinders smooth operation and the lead screw drives must be regularly serviced or replaced. This in turn means expenditure of time and money.
dryspin technology gives rust no chance
The drylin lead screw technology on the other hand is completely corrosion-free. This means that drylin lead screw drives always maintain their smooth operation and long service life entirely without maintenance even when used in corrosive environments. All our plastic nuts are made of tribologically optimised iglidur high-performance polymers. The matching lead screws are manufactured exclusively from stainless material.

Quiet operation with vibration dampening

Ball screw nut

Recirculating ball nut vibrating

Annoying noises or vibration? 
The ball bearings inside the ball screw drives basically cause a noise during application. This can often be perceived as annoying. To reduce noise, the speed of the application is reduced or additional lubricant is used. Moreover, ball screw drives can quickly start to vibrate.

dryspin technology

Quiet operation with vibration dampening

Our dryspin lead screw drives run quietly and vibration-free
The rounded tooth geometry reduces the contact surface between the lead screw and the lead screw nut. This means that the dryspin lead screw drives operate almost silently without vibrations even under high loads. Our online shop offers lead screw drives in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  

Advantages and disadvantages
recirculating ball vs. dryspin

High precision, hardly any axial or radial clearance
► Low coefficient of friction
► Industrial sector with high dynamic loads
► Very high efficiency up to 100%
► Hardly any dimensional flexibility
► Recirculating ball bearing guides with an external return system causes audible noise
► Sensitive to high static loads due to point contact of the balls
► Relatively high weight

► OEM applications possible due to design flexibility, e.g. for small installation space
► Very flexible adaptation possibilities of pitch
► Lead screw diameter and lead screw nut design
► More cost-effective alternative 
► No external lubrication necessary
► Smooth operation
► Dirt-resistant, tough and corrosion-free
► Insensitive to static loads
► Lower weight
► Variety of materials: heavy-duty, high-temperature or FDA approval
► Predictable service life

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Dimension table of our drylin lead screw technology

Dimensions table

Lead screw nuts

Lead screw nuts

► Various types
► In 7 different materials
► Save up to 50.9% of costs

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Lead screws

Lead screws

► High helix thread, trapezoidal thread and metric threads
► In 5 different materials
► Up to 30% longer service life

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Special geometries & accessories

Special designs and accessories

► Special designs for every application
► Accessories for lead screw nuts and lead screws
► Our experts are happy to assist you in person

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