Cable guidance for demanding multimedia installation in event hall

Energy chain with chainflex cables is rolled up and unrolled safely and in a space-saving manner on e-spool

Safely installing and moving state-of-the-art equipment in a modern event hall: This was the task with which Alfa System Sas, a stage technology specialist, was entrusted. To ensure that the complex, specific cabling can be safely moved over long travels up to the hall ceiling, a plastic energy chain that is wound and unwound on an e-spool is used. For cables, the customer uses our chainflex cable range for moving applications.


  • What was needed: Theatre e-spool and chainflex cables such as signal and control cables
  • Requirements: Low-wear cable guidance over long travels, safe accommodation of the energy chain and cables when retracted
  • Industry: Theatre and stage technology
  • Success for the customer: The customer is happy with the cable guidance, which shows high quality in terms of aesthetics and performance.
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Multimedia installation in event hall A view of the finished hall with the tie rods: The GES-2 auditorium is a venue in which the latest multimedia technology is moved along an elaborate rope construction.


The GES2 auditorium is a prestigious venue, for which an elaborate multimedia installation including a special cable winch construction was planned.fa The Italian specialist for stage and theatre technology, Alfa System Sas, was entrusted with the task of ensuring the complete installation and reliable moving of spotlights, projectors, loudspeakers and other stage elements.
The idea: several winches were to be arranged side by side in batteries, each moving a rod onto which the expensive equipment could be hooked. In the case of lights, projectors and loudspeakers, the power and control cables to these devices must also be guided safely.
As the GES2 auditorium is part of a very prestigious complex for hosting top-class events, the multimedia systems installed are all of excellent quality.
In addition to stringent requirements for cleaning the installation, there were therefore also strict regulations regarding the types of cables to be used and their performance. In addition, the cabling of the devices entailed high specifications with few possibilities for compromise. High-resolution cameras, speakers, microphones, light projectors and other devices all had their own cable requirements.



The numerous cables, such as fibre optic and signal cables, are now guided in their respective specifications in several e-spool systems. An e-spool is an energy chain including a drum that can be rolled up and unrolled safely and in a space-saving manner.
The e-spool was used instead of a traditional cable drum because the latter would have required the construction of special cables that would not have been tested in use and whose performance would have been unknown. The e-spool can handle the broad cable mix in full compliance with the project requirements and in conjunction with the multimedia technology.
The e-spool system was installed near the hoisting winches in a machine room. From here, the energy chain is guided to the equipment with a specially designed guide and roller path.
Alfa System also uses our chainflex product portfolio for moving applications for the cables themselves. The wide range of products enabled the customer to find all the required cable specifications in one place. We also offer a 36-month guarantee on all cables in the portfolio.

Machine room with e-spool The energy chain is rolled up and unrolled in a space-saving manner via several e-spool systems, and it safely guides the various cables to the high-tech equipment.
Guide roller with energy chain Guide roller for guidance and support of the horizontal e-chain path.
3D representation of upper stage machinery 3D representation of the drives for backdrops with e-spools.