Mobility and rehabilitation equipment products

Adjustments of wheelchairs, fitness and rehabilitation equipment should be light, quiet and soft, over and over again. The use of igus plain bearings and linear systems offers the user a comfortable, high-quality feeling in the adjustment and due to the completely lubrication-free operation, all bearing points are clean and robust. Our bearings also show these advantages for prostheses and orthoses, which should feel as natural as possible. Our iglidur plain bearings withstand sustained high loads, impacts and dirt, even with thin walls, with a long service life with low coefficients of friction and without a slip-stick effect. Our e-chains and cables ensure safe energy supply even in confined spaces in electrical adjustments of sports equipment.

Rehab & fitness

Fitness equipment

Durable plastic bearings for continuous daily operation in rehabilitation and sports equipment, maintenance-free, light and quiet.

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Prostheses & ortheses


Vibration-dampening bearings without maintenance, also available in a small installation size for a discreet appearance 

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No problem with dirt, moisture and chemicals: iglidur plain bearings ensure consistently smooth running behaviour in wheelchairs

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Our top products for mobility and rehabilitation equipment


Harnessed energy supply systems

  • Ready-to-connect modules
  • Pre-assembled directly by the manufacturer
  • Optimise transport & assembly

iglidur W300

Maintenance-free plain bearings

  • iglidur W300 with good wear resistance and excellent coefficients of friction
  • Resistant to edge pressure, shocks and impacts

drylin W single rail

Maintenance-free profile rails

  • E.g. robust single rails from the drylin W series 
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Resistant to dirt and moisture
  • Easy and quick to assemble

dryspin trapezoidal lead screw

Trapezoidal thread for adjustments

  • 100% maintenance-free dry operation
  • Quiet operation with vibration dampening
  • Resistant to dust, dirt and corrosion

Success stories

Surf Evolution fitness equipment

Maintenance-free bearing technology in surf training equipment

The developers of Surf Evolution, a device for training surfing movements, were looking for better bearing technology. The solution: dry-operating iglidur bushings, dryspin lead screws and drylin W linear guides. They keep maintenance to a minimum and reduce costs by 70%.

X-ray robots from Buck Engineering & Consulting

Long-lasting piston guide in knee joint prosthesis

This prosthesis from Otto Bock HealthCare was equipped with iglidur J piston rings, which can be clipped onto the piston thanks to the slot and flexible material. This makes the installation very easy and decreases assembly time. The previously used PTFE guide bands wear out quickly and had to be replaced frequently.

Applications in medical technology

... and other success stories

In this selection of application examples, sorted by area of application, discover how our plastic plain bearings and energy chains are used in a wide range of medical technology areas.

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