Robustness when wheelchairs move over rough surfaces or when they have to be raised with heavy patients sitting on them - The mobility of wheelchair users must be guaranteed. Dirt adhesion and the resulting wear are avoided, while movement without sticking or slipping ensures that patients feel very comfortable. igus® products for wheelchairs, e.g. in scissor-type mechanisms, adjustable trays, chassis components.
Advantages of igus® products in wheelchairs:

Many standard components

Resistant to dirt





Application examples in wheelchairs

All-terrain wheelchair

This manus® contribution also shows an exceptional off-road wheelchair, the "Quadrix".

Electric wheelchair

Plain bearings from igus® are used for the movement of the front and rear wheels. Thanks to them, there are no problems with wear or corrosion.

Plastic spherical bearings for electric wheelchairs

Lubrication- and maintenance-free plastic bearings provide the required functional reliability in electric wheelchairs.

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