Mobile SPO (shore power outlet) with the igus® e-chain® reel

Moving energy ... saving energy ... remaining flexible

Shore power connections used to be installed permanently in sockets set into the quay. The "e-chain reel system" is a mobile shore power connection product (mobile shore power outlet SPO). It enables ports to have the necessary flexibility.

Motorised e-chain reel with special igus chain wound onto it

Special chain with rolling applications and attached mobile SPO

The mobile SPO can be moved with existing port equipment or winding systems

Cables are protected and do not lie exposed on the terminal

For safety reasons, connection in an energised state is not possible

e-chain reel
Portable system

Can be connected to any stationary SPO

With hoist for handling heavy cables

Extension length of 50-60m

Permanently installed system

Install mobile SPOs instead of stationary SPOs directly

Also possible in very constricted installation spaces

Extension length of 75-100m


Different vessel types can be connected at any time

Expensive medium voltage cables are protected against abrasion, cuts and other outside influences

Easy handling and increased occupational safety: the mobile SPO is driven to the connection point, heavy cables do not have to be laboriously dragged to the stationary SPO on the quay

Increased safety, longer service life and lower costs

Test run

igus tested the mobile SPO regarding its functionality.

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Products used

rol e-chain

rol e-chain

Long travels and very high traversing speed
e-chain 5050HD

e-chain series 5050HD

High degree of stability and long travels over 200 m
chainflex CFCRANE

chainflex motor cable CFCRANE

For heavy-duty applications, indoor and outdoor applications, UV-resistant